Special – Blog Smash Up! All Blogs In One Post

I always have to much to say but maybe not in three hundred works when dividing the subjects, so here is my first blog smash up. I will work down the line as I made each blog.

#1 – Getting off the grid – Learning to live free:

I did NOT get outside to clean the garden but I picked more kale, some to give away and some to eat, with a little to put away for another day.

Not that I want to be a loner but it seems that I am not liking the people in my life at the moment.

#2- Great American dream – Living the great American dream or not:

In two months I have had two move out and two move in, I do like it like that. That means no down time for the rent, although I prorate so I am only loosing one half a month and not a whole month. I gained a handyman and he is no longer homeless.

I am working more and more with the writing on line. I am active on two sites, I post weekly at another ( till I am paid) and I am thinking about joining a couple of small timers to see how it goes with the ” what is for dinner posts”.

I am always thinking of way to make money, not as greed but to pay for the things I require in life.

#3 – Never pay full price :

Last week was an awesome week for coupons and shopping.

I got free foods for the stockpile that include, Mayonnaise ( six month supply! ) I got free cake mix / brownie mix and FREE cake frosting.

This week its looking like, just by glancing at the coupons and a sale paper, twelve cans of veggies for $1.00! Come on you know that is some just about free can goods right there!

#4 Conversations – Serious or not:

First I would like to say that if you tell someone that someone else is asleep that does NOT mean call! Yes she did.


The best one sided conversations, via voice mail is ……
The last tenant that moved wanted to know when I was mailing the check for his damage deposit, Roger dodger always said ” I get paid on Friday”, My unspoken answer is ” I get paid Friday but you owe me!” Yep, that will be in a letter with proof.

#5 Food For Everyone :

Maybe I am slacking a little on this blog, maybe because I am writing a cook book and I don`t want to share all of it free. But I will still share a few yummy things with ya`s. Who Likes Kale …..LOL.

Okay there is my blogs in one minute and under 500 words.

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry