The Money Post – Life Is Odd

Note: Some of this content may sound strange and unreal but actually happened.

Since this will be the money post for me, cash out time, I think I will tell you a little about what I have heard about something that is not supposed to be talked about…. One : witness protection, read on to find out more.

I have met so many people in my lifetime that its unreal. I tend to talk to all walks of life, although I am shy to a point I still will be nice and seems people “trust” me with their secrets and have no problems spilling the beans, so to speak, I reckon to fill in the void of silence. I have learned to use a poker face, so not to offend.

When I was helping to promote a band on a zero budget I would travel to wherever they were playing and video tape and take photos for the website and youtube. The band played at any type of place from restaurants to bars to company picnics. But there was this one place they played all the time and this is where I met some really bull stories.

There was this guy that worked at this place and his live in girlfriend was the owners sister, he took pictures for the restaurant web site and he also knew that I was taking pictures for the bands site. Most of the time he stayed hid in the back or helping in the kitchen but he was still there all the time. I caught several pictures with him in them and as an added bonus for the restaurant I ” showed the food and the clean kitchen” to boost sales and to have more people coming.

I guess he finally looked at the band site and seen himself. The next weekend the band was there and he pulled me aside and said ” you have to take my pictures off the site.” I asked ” why? they are good pictures.” And this is where it got weird. He said ” I am in the witness protection program, I busted an online porn site and I was relocated here.”

Okay!! I had no words for this one! Finally I said, ” alright I will when I get home.”

Later I asked the owners sister and this guys girlfriend ” how long has ____ ___ been in the program? She had no clue to what he was talking about.

Time rocked around and I did not see either so I asked the owner, that was usually always drunk, ” What happened to them?” He said many cuss words then ” She moved to Florida with that lying A hole, that is where he is from.”

Was he really in witness protect? or full of bull crap? I figured he was running from the police because he probably owed to much child support.

What brings this old memory back? I just found out that someone MAY be interested in one of my rentals that is also in the witness protect program. I am most certainly denying this application!

Maybe for the next post I will tell you about the guy who got away from Jeffery Damner the serial killer, no this one was never on T.V.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry – Hid in the open.