Conversations – Life Is Laughing

Okay I reckon I have been just showing one side of joking around here, No Tony does not get mad when I make a joke about him, with him there and make people laugh. But I also get to be the ” butt of the joke” as @irenen1 calls it, or sometimes he just down right embarrasses me altogether.

Lets begin….

I HAVE to have hormones there is absolutely no questions about it, without them I am more than a little crazy, weepy and goofy. When the government decided that hormones would become a controlled substance my one year prescription was no good anymore, every six months now ( thank you Bruce Jenner, and no you are NOT a woman). My doctor seemed to ignore my plea for a new prescription since she had written me one for a year, I was out and that was no good. I had no choice but to change doctors, and it was for the best in the long run, after a week on Estroven over the counter soy pills I was feeling the effects of not having the hormones. The new doctor understood and called in the prescription. I went over to the pharmacy after the doctor visit and waited for it to be filled, they knew I had been out because I called daily to see if the old doctor had called them in.

The man yelled ” Mrs. Perry”, “I got you fixed up”, I walked over to pay and I said ” thank you”. Tony grabbed the man by the hand and said ” thank you so much, you do not know what life has been like”.


Tony will at times go fishing or hunting in a small town were we lived for a couple years, all the old guys gather at a coffee shop in the morning for breakfast and to bullshit. There is this one guy that cannot hear good, he left and the man that was talking to him told Tony that he was talking to him about something and the man looked at him and asked him about the price of something that had absolutely nothing to do with any conversation. They thought that was hilarious.

Sooo you guessed right, now thats Tony`s new thing, and he should not be joking about lack of hearing because he is freakin deaf in one ear, but…..

At the local grocery store, in line to check out and pay. I see Tony smiling and I knew he was up to something. I put the groceries on the sliding belt and the cashier, a young girl, she scanned them and was bagging them, not really any small talk going on, thats when Tony just starts talking, some crap like ” how about the price of turnips?”. I think he scared the cashier, she looked at him but said nothing, gave me my receipt.

I told him to stop that because people will think he is crazy.

But he finds it funny.


Now this one is funny….

Someone gave Tony one of those fake one hundred dollar bills, when folded it looks like real money but one side is an ad for a cash lending place.

He tried it on me but I knew no one here had a hundred dollars in cash.

Tony knew we were going shopping and we do know a lot of the people working there and that was going to make his day.

Place : Publix
Target: Rose – customer service manager

I grab a shopping cart and my list, I go shop. Tony heads for the bathroom and sees Rose up front helping to bag groceries.

I shop, check out and leave the store. Tony starts laughing as soon as he hits the parking lot.

He said laughing ” I tossed the fake $100 as I passed Rose and then I sat on the bench for a few minutes, I seen her bend and get the money REALLY fast and slip it into her back pocket.”

Next phase of his joke will be to tell Rose he lost a hundred dollar bill. but that wont be for a week.

Well…. maybe he is not as funny as I think I am, maybe no one is funny.

Maybe I should think harder, once afater surgery he asked the doctor how did my brain surgery go and the doctor said ” I did not give her brain surgery” and Tony said ” Shit”.

Have a good one y`all… I do believe I need to go back to bed.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry