Listening To People

Yesterday was a very trying day for me. I needed to get work done but everyone wanted to “hang out ” and gossip.

But what I noticed was that I was supposed to care what they had to say but no one cared to hear me.

ALL day I kept telling myself, I wished I had just one person tell me ” its gonna be okay and you can do this.” But that was not the case because I had to close the doors and work alone to get what I had to do half way done.

First I got caught while opening up a rental to air out before people arrived to view it. The old tenant came over and wanted to chat but she did not keep me long.

My tenants : The elderly ladies stopped me on the hill as I was pulling out of this driveway and I was afraid of getting killed by a speeding car sitting in the road so I pulled over but not after having to yell about getting us killed. ( they have mental disabilities and really Don`t care) She started about her nerves and her stomach, asked what to buy to make her go potty.

Next as I was unloading the paint and working tools from the car it was the gossip lady. This is painful. To hear the same things over and over each time she traps you. I escaped when she got good news and ran to her house.

Again, more neighbors asking for junk on the yard, take it because its just going to the dump I said. As I was walking in the house here ran one of the elderly ladies, I said I don`t have time to talk I have to work, she told me to shut up and listen to her, so and so wants to buy that brown shelf, I answered rudely, she can have whatever she wants from the trash pile and walked inside.

I managed to get the bathroom painted and I took a break and sat on the front porch. My sister was walking to the store and stopped for a minute and the elderly woman seen me sitting down , she lives across the street, and here she came. My sister took off and I went back to work. Tony was outside showing the hired help what to take to the dump.

The elderly lady sat on the porch, after about 15 minutes Tony knocked on the door an told me she wanted to talk to me. I went out and she asked me when was I going to mow their yard. I told her maybe this week, if I can ever get this work done. She did not care, she just wanted me working at HER house.

Its not that I don`t want to be social, I am just working but no one seems to understand that painting a house is work and you cannot have them underfoot. I pray today is different and I can mange to be nice but not talk at all!

Ever have these days?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry