What To Buy A Vegan/ Vegetarian For Christmas

I know what you are thinking, we are just like all other people we just don`t eat all the stuff other people eat, Like animal products.

Some vegans are animal activist too, so make sure you do not by any leather, no wool sweaters or fur anything. Maybe a donation to an animal no kill rescue shelter in the name of someone would be a nice gift.

Through the Arbor day foundation you can buy a tree and have a card sent that it was planted in your name, cool?

I have to say that if you plan on a gift of food the best thing I can think of, that I would love for myself, would be nuts and seeds. I love this protein!





Raw sunflower seeds

Raw pumpkin seeds



Chia seeds ( not with the ceramic head:)

Chocolate made from coconut oil and sweetened with agave is so yummy.

And for the homestead vegetarians like me a nice size green house would be nice, with a watering system.

Dirt, with plenty of reusable pots are favored too. Plants and flowers are always an awesome gift as well as seeds for planting a vegetable garden.

Now don`t let us vegans/vegetarian fool you we still love gold and gems, they come straight from the earth. I adore blue anything wrapped in gold.

Cars! Heck yeah. There is not one thing wrong with giving someone a car for a Christmas gift. I do love those new Dodge Challengers, black or white, okay I don`t care what color. ( hint hint 😉

But the best thing that I can think of to give someone, anyone for Christmas, is a Christmas card letting them know you are thinking about them, no money just a few words,or an invitation to share Christmas dinner is more than some will get.

Just remember its th thought that counts. But ….. Cars and houses are the best gifts of all 😀

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry