Todays Random Junk

Being in the old neighborhood I get to hear all the latest gossip and some of he old gossip and sometimes in a few different versions 🙂

Rodger Dodger – Most everyone knows that they did not move their stuff out and that I went to get the court order to have them set out and its an automatic filling in the small claims court when you do this.

One – They have not seen anyone stying there, no lights and no people, no noise. BUT someone came and got the swing set with a trailer hooked to a truck. This one is believable, because I seen this.

Two – The guy is sleeping there at night but something happened to his car, so no one knows he is in there. LOL. No I do not believe this one because I know the man that Was renting there and he is so lazy he would park on the grass by the front door instead of parking in the driveway and using the sidewalk to the front door.

Three – No one is there, no light and no care for a week. This old couple came and get the swing set in a truck with a trailer, they had a little boy with them. This one I believe I see this too.


My Uncle was sitting out on his back porch and this man walks up and sits down, Uncle did not know him, never seen him before. The man asked him to work him, he wanted to trim his trees. Uncle told him they were just trimmed and he did not have any work for him.

The man said ” How about giving me a ride down to the store?” Uncle replied ” No, I`m not taking you no where. ” the man left.

I do believe this one because today I seen a stranger walking down Mountain View road and ALL the dogs was barking, because he was a stranger in the neighborhood.


Now you know I cannot just leave and not give out something so that the people will have something to talk about, right?!


I know everyone is curious about why those survey stakes are gone.

So I let it out about how BAD the surveyor was and could not read a deed and that 100 feet is not the same as 199 feet so I fired him 🙂

I also let it be known that I am going out of town to get the next surveyor, no locals to be bought off by the neighbors.

How about you, heard any interesting gossip today?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry