The Monsanto People – Other Streets

The Monsanto People – Other Streets

Out by the church on the corner of West C street and Deyo street there is a Vet that lives there, not an animal vet but a war vet, he is often seen taking food out to stray animals and someone brought him a couple dogs that often bark when anyone walks passed, Many people do walk in the neighborhood, You can speak to this vet but he will just stare at you as he sits and drinks his beer, sometimes he is weird and brings out all his guns and cleaning them while sitting on the front stoop.

The house across the street from the church and the vet is a rental house, people move in and out all the time, seems the lady cant get a break and all that comes and goes from this place is trouble, The new one is a woman with some kind of disability, maybe mental and physical, she is skinny but she used to be so big that they gave her the lap ban. He son is wild and he brings home gangs of young people and they seem to stay. Reckon that is why the landlady was over there hanging out eviction notices last month, thy did not like getting those and was ripping them up in anger.

Go down the big hill and start up the next and thats another of the rentals that one lady owns. Its a big house but all that lives there are two old crazy ladies. People know something is wrong with them by their appearance, not to mention that the younger one is always talking to herself. They have lived there a long time and for the most part nobody bothers then or cares what they do.

On the other side of the road is a big house although its on Newborn street people still notice it from Deyo . The houses sort of zigzag and are not lines up so one can look at the other. But Newborn street is yet another world.

The next house up is a old lady that has lived in that house off and on for over 35 years, he husband died and she shacks up with this older Mexican guy, he is nice and much to quiet, Her mentally retarded son lives with them, although he is retard he is functional and drives and such, his father make sure he could. Usually there is always some kind of noise and fighting going on over there because the son doesn`t get his way, they moved for a few months but came back and they are way, way to quiet, so something has happened.

To be continued ……

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry