How Did I Get Over It?

I woke and dragged myself up out of the bed this morning at seven am, after only sleeping five hours, when the alarm beeped.

I called Publix and asked ” did anyone turn in car keys?” The person looked and said no.

Next call was to my friend that pulls in our broken down cars, I call him friend now because he has pulled us in so many times over the years. He told me he was on his way to pick the car up.

He called me to tell me it was at Dodge service department.

I then called the dealership for the bad news, how much and how long will it take. The guy said ” $140″ I like to have fainted! For one key. I asked what time and he told me in two hours.

When I pulled in the dealership lot I seen my car in a parking space and knew it was ready, I went inside and paid and I asked why it was so much and the lady said ” yours is cheap some have been $400!”

As I was walking out of the dealership the phone rang, “Hello” I said when I answered the unknown number ” Hey Andria, this is Beth.” See I dont know a Beth, I said ” Yes maam” and she said “I have good news, we found your keys! they were in a shopping cart.” I thanked her and told her I would be down as soon as I could. Know what is weird about this situation? One of the employees pulled out every shopping cart last night with me looking for those keys and they were not there! I think someone took my keys off the top of my purse, felt guilt ( I had prayed) and brought them in this morning.

SO I just bought a $140 key and they just found my keys.

I drove over to Uncle Cuz house and dropped off the truck he allowed us to borrow, chatted a little.

But still how did I get over hitting rock bottom? Helpless when I had no car, carless means no way to go and now moneyless means go no where and buy nothing.

I came home and had a sandwich, watched some robot show and then I said ” I going to bed and I will set the clock to get up later,” Tony said ” go ahead and wake me when you get up.” I took a two and a half hour nap and got back up at six thirty pm.

When I got up I went straight outside and mowed some grass, at my house, all for me. Tony brought out the dogs and I walked them around a couple times and then tied Harley to the tree and he was happy to watch me, Roscoe laid in the tall grass and watched me.

And I had watermelon for dinner!

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Two Million Dollars

My sister really stopped driving about five to seven years ago after serving time in prison for having four DUI`s but two years ago she stopped drinking, she still has no car.

I drive her to buy groceries and since it takes her forever I drop her off and I come back to get her in a couple to three hours, Yes! I know that is a long time, but she is at Walmart and she will look and touch every single thing in the store.

I also stop and let her pay her monthly payment for the grave lot that is in my name but will be for her when she dies. I went in with her yesterday because she told me they won`t let her pay for the opening and closing there and this is usually where you pay. She did not understand the talk, the business talk, When I asked and the lady told me about licenses and carrying cost I know exactly what she was talking about, that the funeral homes will do that. I knew what she meant since they have this small grave yard.

When we got to the car I explained this to her so that she would understand.

I have always said if I get money I would buy her a car and move her into another place to live because her place is tiny.

Well, yesterday I stopped for gas after picking her up and she said ” you want some money?” I answered “I always want money.” As she reached for her purse she asked “how much?” and I said ” two thousand dollars.” She sat her purse down and told me she wants two million dollars, I told her that was my number too.

My sister said” I would by a restaurant and you would run it and keep the books.” I found this funny, use her money but put me to work.

I said ” I would buy an empty field and build solar powered homes for us with well water so we would not have to pay those bills and then I would invest a million to make another million.”

My sister has become good with her money since she have up drinking but I think I see why she would want me to be over her investment 🙂 I would give her a house but not let her run a business for me, although she was in management around twenty years ago, She has forgotten how to be level headed and to keep her mouth shut.

What would you do with two million dollars?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry