Who Taught Me?

Since my normal morning routine was interrupted I went to a couple of other sites,to write and read like nobodies business and there I did get some inspiration to write a story I would not normally write.

Since I grew up without a mother from twelve years old up with my dad being both parents, I did not learn everything from him.

First my mom, she taught me how to sew and how to tend to Cactus. I am sure I watched enough to remember what spices she cooked with because family has often said I cook like my mother. I learned what a Tiffany lamp was because my mother loved them.

Oldest brother taught me to play baseball and basketball. How to ride a bike, well any sports.

My brother closest in age to me, five years older, taught me how to cuss and I learned to run fast to get away from him 🙂

My oldest brothers first wife Susan taught me how to swim at the age eleven and how to drive a car at the age thirteen years old.

My friend Debbie taught me how to make biscuits when I was fourteen years old, she was seventeen and married.

My eldest sister taught me how to sell stuff at the big trade days when I was a teen.

Mrs. Smith taught me to make the best coconut pie ever.

Tony taught me how to fish and hunt, but I have not killed an animal.

God sent me a step mother to teach me patience.

My dad taught me how to use a hand saw, how to cook a mean pot of dry beans and well…. he taught me that I can be whatever I put my mind to being and that to have anything you will have to earn it, nothing is free. My dad taught me responsibility.

Well , that is enough for at this time, how about you? Got anyone that you can say you learned a thing or two from?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry