Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News

Another unplanned fly by the seat of my pants day, I did work but not as you would think.

First I had to talk to someone about a mentally challenged person so I went to the count mental health center, They wanted me to take to someone else in a different office and if that did not help to come back to them. I also seen one of Tony`s family members heading inside :/

Next I wanted to check and see if I could get my blood test results from a few weeks ago so I would know what to eat and how much more to exercise. The news was not good but I did not expect it to be, my sugar a1c or whatever the tests name is, is still high so I have to get that down and I have not had a cholesterol test in a year and its up a little at 256 which is not real bad but it needs to be around 199, with the tri`s only 40 points over normal so I was told to do what I know to do, get back off animal products.

I made my three month check up today because the computers were down when I was there last. I also made Tony an Appointment and this is why….

I call in Tony`s medication and when I asked the guy, the guy we know that works there, to look up and see if he had a refill left on his testosterone he told me he would when he got time and I said, well how do I know if I need to make him an appointment, he told me to call back later. This made me mad and I did intend on reporting him but when I stopped by to pick up his medication today it was filled and will last ten months, with no refills left. The other lady said that was his weird sense of humor, well to me it just makes a mess or things.

Since he got his testosterone he went over and signed in for the nurse to give him a shot, now maybe he wont feel so tired he has been out over the time he usually has his shot.

Now I must work on me, I will become a veg head again.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry