Blog Smash Up – A Little Of Everything

The Grid:

First I want to say that five rows of corn was planted today, it began to rain so the last row of seeds was not put in the ground. Nor did the pumpkin seed make it into the dirt 🙁

Not one blade of grass was mowed because I chose not to mow till evening without watching the weather.

The dogs loved their short run/ walk and drag Angie all over the place. Then have the nerve to try and steal extra treats while I was fetching fresh water.


American Dream :

It was a quite morning with few calls coming in, none for me.

In my head I have made plans to work on the old home place, just get started pulling out old worn sheet rock and filling the empty trash can, that I am paying for by the month.

I want to fix my old home so if I wanna just chill for a while there I can or I can stay a week, whatever but it need all the repairs done first.

Around seven om the phone rang and I did not know this number but I answered and it was someone know is interested in the last empty rental I have, I took an application and will show it tomorrow.


Never Pay Full Price :

I went to walgreens for the diet Pepsi that is on sale three for eight dollars and the angel soft toilet paper that is three forty nine but with coupons I only paid one dollar and ninety nine cents 🙂

Dog food from walmart, thirty one pounds for eighteen dollars, minus the five dollar coupon and kibble n bits for only thirteen dollars.


Serious Or Not :

While blogjob was down I went to mylot and chatted about with some of those ladies and gentlemen. I did not learn anything new.

Tony talked to the American Indian nation about quitting smoking, when the doctor says he can wear the patches they will give them to him to stop smoking. Yay me! I will go into withdrawls from inhaling second hand smoke for ten years.


Food For Everyone :

I can say that for days and days I have been eating foods that are bad for me, sugar free ice cream is one and I can say this without shame, do not eat this ice cream unless you want serve gas that will make your best friend, the dog, run away from you 🙂


Making it Matter :

Yes I loaded the car with cardboard and paper and unloaded it at the local recycle bin.

I have managed to keep the house neat and I have washed both clothes and dishes till I am sick of all of them.

I filed coupons today and spent a few.


Well that wraps up my day, it was kind of boring, I liked it like that 🙂

This will be my last day off till….. who knows.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry