Conversation With Angie – Who Is That Man?

Ever had one of those moments when you see someone somewhere and you know you know the person but you just cannot place exactly how you know them and what their name is?

I had one of those moments when I was in a Kentucky fried chicken restaurant yesterday.

Monthly I give a ride to a couple of elderly ladies and we usually end up eating lunch or an early dinner out. Me and Tony set at our table or booth and the ladies set near by.

Tony finished his food before all of us ladies and he went out to the car to smoke and wait for us.

This man walks in and goes straight to the restroom and comes back and gets in line to order, he chose the buffet.

I knew I recognized him and I knew he was in an office somewhere. I look up and one of the elderly ladies was mouthing the words ” I know him, who is that?”, I mouthed back ” I do to but I cant remember”.

As we were leaving the restaurant this guy was getting his drink and I was getting a refill for the road when the eldest of the two looked at the man and said ” I know your face but I cannot think of who you are”. The man said ” I am R. D. Pitts”.

I spoke up and said “We all knew your face but could not place how we know you, but now we all know, you are on T.V.”. He smiled and said ” that is me”.

The younger of the two elderly ladies said ” you do look younger in person”. He thanked her and said ” good I look pretty dang old on T.V.”.

At the car the elderly ladies was still smiling and told Tony about their encounter with R. D. Pitts. The younger lady said ” I never thought I would see him eating at KFC, since he is a rich man”. Tony said “that is why he is rich, he does not waste him money paying double for a piece of chicken”.

Now are you wondering who R. D. Pitts is? Well, he is well known in Anniston, Alabama because he is a social security claims lawyer, he wins cases. He has a commercial on the local T.V. stations 🙂

For some reason it thrilled these two elderly ladies to see him and talk to him.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry