Public Apology – Hurt Feeling Never Intended

I will not say any names because I am not like that but I was told that I hurt someones feelings. Instead of coming directly to me and asking what I meant I was turned into the owner of Blogjob for a spam comment.

I had assumed that since me and this person was face book friends, that she knows I have a sense of humor, or at least I think I do, and the comment was left as that, joking, but she took it as an intentional attack.

She then deleted forty six comments I had left on her blogs because I did read her blogs, and deleted the friendship.

If anyone knows me they know I am not a mean person and I would never intentionally hurt anyones feels. And I most certainly would not air dirty laundry publicly because I feel that is in bad taste, But for some reason I feel like I should defend myself.

Most of the people I read and comment on there blogs are people I have known since 2013 when I first began to write at Bubblews, ( bubblews ALWAYS paid me, I never had any missing payments) and we have been on many other sites together. I play well with others.

Yes I am a landlady and some people must assume I am mean because of that but I`m not. If I was I would not have tenants stay since 1999, another for 7 years and they moved because they bought a house. Actually 4 out of 6 of the rentals the tenants have been there well over two years. Sure I complain and I use MY blog to let people see what it is like to have rentals, I do leave out some of the nasty stuff but I want people to know that people won`t always pay rent, some come up with the strangest excuses not to pay rent, and some people are not clean.

I write to unwind, its my place where people are nice and I don`t have to worry about being the boss at work or listening to excuses. I can play so to speak. Tell everyone good morning or good night. To tell someone they are pretty or they can do what they put their mind to.

On Mylot, yes the same person turned in someone there too! I read a post from an old bubble friends that made me laugh, someone hit a mud puddle and soaked him, he did not think it was funny but at the end of the day everything worked out. I mentioned how I had done that as a teen and at the time it was funny. But as a adult I got it back! someone drowned me the same way. His reply was ” you deserved it!” Yes he could have gotten mad but he knew I was just being honest and happy.

So to closed this I want to say ” I am sorry if I offended you and I will not ever be back in your life again.”

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Removal Of Comment?! Points Deducted.

I have to say this about comments.

I know we are all here at Blogjob for the same thing, to write and get paid for it.

I know some people leave comments to be approved and I am fine with that, especially if you have a follower that leaves nasty comments but I am not one of those people. I am for the most part a happy person and I like to leave comments to make people feel better, if its a teaching/learning article I let the person know that I did learn something and I appreciate the information.

I will approve comments that are not all that nice but that is life, not everyone agrees and its a good thing. Many have said ” coupons are a waste of time” because that is how they see using coupons, if everyone agreed about everything this world would be boring, but I allow their opinion on my comments.

I try my best to leave a comment on every blog I read. I do have a few friends here that I read daily and I will comment on those blogs. Last night I commented on a few blogs that are new to me and some that are older but I have not visited for a while.

This morning I see in the stats box that I got two one cent deductions for removal of comments. I really wish I knew who did not like the comments I left because I would not ever read their blog again, because this type of behavior is hurtful to the feelings of others. I would not want to be a burden to those to have to remove my comment.

I actually “Read” the articles, this takes time and as we all know time means money when you are working for writing sites.

If I ever have in the past, or the future, hurt someones feelings please leave me a message saying so because its never my intention to hurt anyones feeling when I leave a comment. If you do not want me leaving comments please tell me this also and I will walk away.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry