Conversations – Some Humor

No…. its far from writer block, its more like I am bored talking about the same old things in life.

How is the getting off the grid going?

Standing still.

How about work?

Everything is rented and I am still chasing Roger Dodger, the original Roger Dodger.

How about those coupon deals?

I already told you about that, Cant shop to much or I wont have anywhere to live.

Food? What is for Dinner?

Na… I have to drop twenty pounds and the holidays are here, seems depressing, right?! 😀

SO if your are me, but you`re not, you want to play and not be so serious ALL the time. Cut the crap with a weirdo statement. Read on.

A couple mornings ago Tony and I were riding down the road heading for an appointment, he had been watching some hunting crap show in T.V. and decided I wanted to know about it so this is how that conversation went….

” Those guys had a deer in velvet and thought it was weird but that`s not weird, I once killed a deer that had a rack with one point sticking out the side” Tony said.

I asked ” Did the other deer make fun of him?”

With a serious face, Tony said ” No.”

I replied with “Well all the other deer made fun of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.”

Tony never smiled or thought it was weird and just said ” No” , again.
When I was shopping at the local grocery store for a beef roast, The meat packer was waiting on what I asked for, the one on sale, while the meat cutter did his job.

Tony began to talk about food to this young lady that was a little over weight, she said ” you can tell I don`t miss a meal, I like to eat.” Being a little chunky myself I turned and looked at Tony who is more than fifty pounds over weight and I said ” If I worked at Walmart as a door greeter and you was headed for the door I would stop you.” He looked at me and said “why?”, I answered ” I would have to make sure that you was not stealing a basket ball under your shirt.” The meat wrapper was polite and turned away to laugh. Tony said ” Hey!”…. Well it was boring just standing there waiting!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry