Saying I Don`t Care

I don`t care. What is the meaning of those words?

How many times have you said those three words? I cannot count the amount of times I have said ” I don`t care.”

Now saying ‘I don`t care’ is all about when you say it and how you are using those three words.

I am often speaking about how I don`t care what others think about me or say about me, I feel its just gossiping and if they want to talk about me then I reckon I am popular enough to be the center of their world. Either its love or jealous, right?

When I am talking about going somewhere and I say ” I don`t care” how I look, Its nothing fancy. That would mean that I don`t care that I am just dressed in my work clothes and shoes. Its not saying I don`t care how I look, as I do brush my hair and teeth and I am wearing clothing that is covering my body.

Now there are times that “I don`t care” can mean a whole different thing. For instance: when someone has lied and lied so much to you and still they did not deliver on what they had promised and they come out with yet another excuse I will look them in the eye and say ” I don`t care” and its not my problem. Its like this with me, I caught you in one lie so I will never believe you again.

And yet another use of those three little words, I have guest over and their children are going to make a mess and I know this because they are children and the parents are going nuts trying to, well, not be embarrassed by what the child is doing so I will say ” Its okay, I don`t care if they make a mess, we`ll clean it up later.

One more. I am home and the boyfriend comes up and asks, “DO you mind if I go out for a while with the guys?” I will respond ” No, I don`t care, Have fun.”

Now how much do you say ” I don`t care?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry