Conversations – Talking On Morphine

I have to say that today was a talking day for me, I have talked to so many people that I cannot remember all of them but there were a few conversations that really stick out and I have to share.

I went to the post office to check the mail and I had a yellow card waiting for me, I had gotten a package. I was expecting it and I knew it was my tree`s. The lady handed it over the counter and it went on forever, it is almost five foot long/tall.

I am walking to the car and its not easy to tote the five foot tall package when you are five feet tall. I got it in the car and Tony said ” I was wondering why it took you so long” and I replied with ” I had hell pulling that long ass box out of my mail box since its on top”. Tony looked at the box in the back seat and looked at me and said ” I bet”. 😀 I drove a couple block down the road and Tony said ” I think you are lying to me there is no way that box would fit in the mail box”.

Next stop is to visit my sick Uncle, he has Lung cancer but it is in remission, he was dehydrated and that landed him in the hospital. Tony thought it would be nice if we bought him a nice flower arrangement so we had one in hand when we got there. For some reason they are giving him morphine but he is awake and talking , he does have the shakes though.

His lunch tray had not been touched and he said he just cannot eat .I seen strawberry ice cream and opened the lid, it was half melted so I took his straw and stirred it and got him to taste it, Okay I stuck the straw in his mouth and told him to drink, I knew after one taste he would want more and he did. After visiting for a little while he asked ” Who`s grave did you get those flowers off of, Amos`s ?” [Amos was my dad] I could not help but smile as Tony said “NO! we bought those for you just now”. I said “I have not got that low to take flowers from graves to bring to people in the hospital”. Next was my Aunt, he wants to go see my Aunt but he was saying that my Aunt was my pawpaws niece and not his daughter. Then he said he was talking about someone else, then he told us he did not know what the hell he was talking about.

He smiled and then laughed because he told a nurse he had scabies.

Before I left I told him the story about my sister and that her liver was shutting down because she would not eat and that I had taken her pout of that crappy hospital and sent her to a nice one 60 miles away, They told her eat and she would live so I spoon fed her daily and two weeks she was home, I told him ” I know you see her walking all the time”. All she did to get better was eat.

When I announced that I was leaving he told Tony bye but called his brothers name, he could not keep a straight face, then said , I am sorry and called him his other brothers name, that was when he busted out laughing.

Later this evening Tony talked to my other Uncle and he said ” Hey he is eating!”.

I absolutely love the law and I had the opportunity to see into another branch of the law that I had NEVER been around. I watched his movements and I listened to his words, it was like being at a pep rally for a high school football team. Another thought also came to mind, A used car sale man about to royally screw someones world up. Tony said ” snake” came to mind for him.

Oh my dear Roger Dodger! Now the poor fellow is getting ripped off and worked all weekend, no one has paid him. I want to sing to him, “Liar, liar pants on fire”. This kid is on my last nerve.

Well there is a few of the conversations I had today. I skipped around because I talked to many, many more people from all walks of life today.

How about you? Anything interesting with your chats today?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry