Stressed Out!

I have to say that my day started out nice and stress free and then I made the mistake of looking at my phone.

I am, for the most part, laid back and I don`t like to stress over the small stuff.

I plan so that I am not late for appointments, But I don`t have a certain time to eat, I eat when I am hungry.

I walk my dogs everyday,except the days I am working all day but they are in a fenced in area so they already can run free, they are walking me , yes I have to walk daily.

Life has made me a mental illness people magnet. If they have a mental problem they are in my face.

My sister is bi-polar and she is so…… needy. She only does for herself with doctors, she`ll ride the bus and thats because I told her no way in hell I was giving up my entire life to sit daily at a doctor office for her to complain for pain pills when I do not think anything is wrong with her except her mind.

I also have two elderly sister as tenants and both have mental disabilities, at the ages of 60 something and 70 something they still fight. For the most part cuss fights.

I have a new tenant that says something is wrong with the dish boxes and dish said ” not enough amp of power coming into the house call the power company” My electrician said thats crap because you have a meter that regulates the incoming power so I have him coming to check the breakers.

Now lets put those messages together, since I had the phone off.

Sister – message #1 ” you cant even call back when I call”.

Message #2 ” I don`t even think you want me to come for Christmas, just let me know and I wont come. You don`t even stop to get me when you go to target.”

I leave her a message ” I invited you once to dinner already, I am baking for the elderly and when I take it to them they like to talk to me. I am going to the chiropractor three times a week, I have not been shopping at target.”

Next she calls the other phone. I answer. She said “I took your tenants a Christmas card and they are fighting, the man and kid are out across the street. The old one is crying and the young one is cussing her, do you want me to go tell them you said to shut up?” I answered with “No, let the neighbors call the police.”

But instead I called my tenants and I said ” if you don`t shut up the cops will take you to jail for elderly abuse of your sister because people are watching and listening to you cuss her.” She went on to explain that she can`t go to Walmart without her sister freaking out in the crowded place. I finally say ” wait a minute, I do not want in your business I don`t want the stress, just shut your front door and stop screaming at your sister, I will be by tomorrow to give you and her a cake for Christmas.” She said ” okay.”

Let me see, while all that was going on I baked 135 cookies, two batches of brownies and four cakes and four batches of cinnamon rolls. I sent out by Tony five peoples goody boxes, which meant putting them together.

I hear the dogs whining for me. I think I will go outside and breathe.

How has your day been going?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry