Just Say No?

Tuesday May 10, 2016

Its was a weird day with many things to do outside of my home.

I had planned on the calender to take someone to the dentist.

I needed to paint the interior of a house.

Tony needed a ride to get parts for his truck.

I needed to deliver trash to the can.

I needed to deliver food to someone in need.

I did the trash drop off first, only to find they did not pick up last weeks trash!

I went to give this man food and then I went to my sisters to call the trash company while tony went for the numbers on those parts he needed.

I called and got the trash pick up set to be got within forty eight hours. Chatted with my sister till I had to go take the lady to the dentist.

I gathered everyone in the car and off to get things done, for them. I dropped off the ladies first but I walked in to find out how long they would be and the lady handed my lady a clip board with what they needed to know but she said ” Honey I cant read or write.” The receptionist said” did you bring someone with you that can?” and they looked at me. I held my hands up and said ” I don`t know their stuff.” not wanting to get SUCKED into their business. The receptionist said” she can just tell you.” I said ” sorry I am just the driver, how long?” and she snapped at me with thirty minutes. I was out of that place running! I knew it would be an hour since she had to ask her ALL those questions.

I went to several places to get Tony`s quotes of prices for parts and then the hour was up and I went back to get the ladies, then run by the bank so Tony could get his money for those parts.

One of the ladies said ” lets go get us a buffet.” I said ” can`t I got stuff to do and only an hour to get it done.” She continued by saying she was so hungry and Tony just told her you`ll be home in a few minutes, and that was true. Then about five minutes she said ” I wished you had time to stop by the grocery store so I could get milk.” I knew what she was doing, trying to make me late so I could do for her so I said this, ” You cannot manipulate me by making me feel guilty so I will drop what I HAVE to do today and do for you, I told you two that I could take you but I have things to do also, I cannot go out to eat and then take you shopping again this week.” I already know they have plenty of food, enough for a month because I took them shopping last week.

I dropped them off and we did get the money and back before the dealership service department closed, got the order in and then went to the parts house and got those parts.

We went by to leave the parts with the mechanic but he was gone. While walking at my sisters back door a snake laid there, barely missing the neighbors dog, Tony killed it with a shovel after it tried to bite him. We think it was a rattle snake but had lost his rattles, he had a bunt tail and not pointed.

I did not get to work and now its after four pm, so me and Tony stopped in to see this elderly lady that we love dearly, we sat and talked with her for over an hour. Tomorrow I will take her some candied pears and other home canned goodies. She is 89 years old.

How was that for a nice calm Tuesday?

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry