The Humorous Side Of Life

I just cannot let work keep me stressed so I put work away when I am other places so not to sour my mood toward others not involved in the situation.

While I was at the courthouse getting the appropriate paper work for the court ordered eviction there was this elderly black lady walking slow in the parking space in front of my car, she stopped and looked at me and said ” will you pick me up and tote me to that building?” I replied ” If I were that strong I most certainly would!” Tony yelled from the car, ” Help her inside.” She told me “no” but I held out my arm and told her “take my arm however you are comfortable and we`ll walk inside.”

There was many people coming and going and I told this lady to tell the guards she wanted strip searched today, well the passer by`s got a laugh out of that as did th old lady.

When we made it inside to the area you empty your pockets I looked at the elderly guards and said ” This lady insists on being stripped searched today!”

That was a Kodak moment 🙂 One said ” I should have took today off.” I was smiling as I walked off.

I got in the car and found out she had asked Tony to tote her inside too. 🙂

Next was the bank.

As I was walking up there was a younger woman than me but not to much younger that waited and held the door open, I said ” Thank you! Thats nice of you to help the elderly.” She smiles and one teller did that was listening.

In Walmart I was buying paint for all the up coming empty houses and the elderly door greeter looked at my buggy that had a five gallon of paint, rollers and naps. I said ” Do you need to see my receipt?” she looked down and said softy ” No you`re good.” I replied ” Yeah, if I was gonna steal it sure wouldnt be working materials.” and I got a chuckle and ” you got that right.”

Then when I got home and sat for a minute to rest I read the entire court order and found out that when I have the tenant served to move that I am automatic entered into small claims court, Yay! And that made my day.

So I don`t want people to think that I am always in witch mode because that is not so, I prefer to smile most of the time. Although all of the comments were corny, At least I got some smiles.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry