Conversations – A Day Of Giving

Now I do not want any praise for the things I do because I do them freely and with love, but I think Tony likes it, for what he does.

I understand that when you give you receive. And I will say that it does get on my nerves when Tony promises to give and does not follow through. That makes me feel pressured to get things done.

Today he finally got two promises out, bags of greens. One for a lady that manages a grocery store and the other for a hard working nurse with five kids. The first said she`ll clean them and freeze them, the nurse said she will cook them for Thanksgiving dinner.

I bought my sister pizza rolls, on credit for her. I thinks she lives on them. And she wanted this one thing for her boyfriends Christmas gift so I bought that while its on sale on credit too. And I dropped that off this evening.

As we passed this one house, the people are poor, we seen them outside and is cold and they have no power.

I stopped to buy my coffee and me and Tony decided to eat at Cici`s pizza tonight. There really was not any talking at dinner and when I was at the end of my meal Tony said ” Buy a pizza to go”, I asked ” for who” and he named the poor people with no power. I gave him the money and told him to go get one.

I drove back across town to deliver that pizza, we already had Pepsi in the car so he got out four drinks. I pulled up and blew my horn. After a couple of minutes the mother and adult son came out and Tony handed the pizza out the window, not saying anything so I spoke up and I said ” Here is dinner”. The woman said thank you and just stood there not talking. This was weird to me because she is a talkative person and always friendly. As we were leaving she said ” Bye I love Y`all”

I asked Tony ” Don`t you think she was acting weird?, He said ” Either she is drunk or starving”. I said “probably drunk and thats why they don`t have power”.

BUT I still feel better knowing that those two will have a hot meal tonight, drunk or sober.

I will say it again, I hope I get to stay home tomorrow. All day.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry