Sweet Revenge

Revenge is best served cold. By someone, this is why I do not quote many because I cannot remember who said what. 🙂

I once read this book and it was about this young lady that was overweight and was picked on by all the other children ( picked on is an old school term now its called bullying) and there was of coarse one small group of the “pretty” girls that were the worst.

And you know it, when she grew up she was slim with a natural hour glass figure but those words were still nagging her in the back of her mind. She too seen the words ” Revenge is best served cold,” and that is when it all began.

Since she also was a successful business owner she just went ahead and signed up all the beautiful school mates for cookie of the month club. Its new and it worked this way, someone unknown would send the free cookies every week and the ladies would love the idea of having a secret admirer.

It was just a matter of time and there was school reunion . What sweet revenge she had gotten when she seen ” the pretty girl group” all overweight. She introduced herself, smiled and walked away.

Now lets get to the sabotage of real life. I guess some people do not know they are doing this but many do, and they do it with evil intentions, the saboteur.

Last week I was talking among a small group of people of all sizes and shapes. To me the size of a person makes no difference if I like them or not. I have been skinny and I have been fat, at the moment I am neither, but I know how people treat each other.

Nowadays if your skinny you MUST be a crack or meth head. If you are fat then you are seen as having no self control. I just don`t judge because I do not know the medical history of everyone and its not my place to judge.

Back to the group and chatting about everything and anything. I had mentioned that it took me a very long time but when I cut down on eating bread I lost 11 pounds and explained that it was hard because I like bread and then I added I am trying to go all the way meatless again, And everyone said ” NO way I have to eat my meat!”

A couple days pass and I go and talk to one of those people that was in the group and she offered me something, someone gives them boxes and boxes of this all the time, Bread. I did take some of the bread but its not for me, Tony eats bread even though the doctor told him to stop. And I will hand my sister a loaf of the chocolate banana bread. I tossed it in the freezer.

My mind went straight to that book that I had read… intentional sabotage or just being a nice person and sharing?

Do people really hunt down other peoples weakness and then find a way to tear them down? Heck YEAH! all the time.

The good book has always told me that God is the one who will seek revenge, to make it right what people have done wrong to you.

What do you think?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Uplifting Messages

There are days when I feel like everyone is just plain out messing me over and I cannot get ahead for nothing.

Yes this positive, get up and go make things happen woman does get discouraged because it seems like everything I am building and doing right is just torn down by people who do not care about me or what God has provided for me.

I try to live by ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And ” God just wants us to love one another.” I was brought up this way.

I was taught to respect others property and I do so, I would never destroy or break something that was not mine and not replace it, no matter the cost because it was on my doing.

I want kindness and love so I try my best to be this way and it seems that people take this as a weakness and use me for their door mat.

Then when I have to take someone to court to recover what they did to my business, I am all the sudden the worst person in the world.

I give to the poor, or maybe they would not be poor if they did not drink and maybe be doing drugs, but nonetheless I felt they were hungry and took them food. I hired and paid the young man to do a little yard work and he worked one day, I paid him more than he asked for, The next day I went and asked him to work, he said yes but never showed up. I did not ask again but I see him walking everywhere, sometimes with his face stuck in his cell phone.

Life has not been good to me and my body feels the pain.

Then I read an uplifting message and it bring me back down to earth, Don`t worry because God is in control.

God has my back and he knows best so I ask him to guide my words and ways today.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

For God So Loved………

I am one who usually will not talk about religion or politics because it is just an argument in the making since everyone has their own views in life and will fight for you to see things their way.


I am reading so many articles about how people feel and how people celebrate Christmas or don`t celebrate Christmas that I figured it would not start a debate for me to speak about my belief in Jesus Christ.

I do believe that God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to tell us all about himself, so that we would believe that we do have a maker and there is a home called heaven.

I was raised going to the baptist church and later in life I was told to pick any church I wanted to attend, I stayed with what I knew and loved, the Baptist church. Although I do not go to Church weekly, I do Watch Joel Osteen in the T.V. every Sunday Morning.

What the Bible has taught me is that God is a good God and that he wants us to be good and love each other.

Ask and you shall receive, this promise is something people don`t understand. Somethings that we ask for will come in time, not “right now” because God has our lives already planned, although we live through bad times, he will show you the good times.

God Only gives us what we can handle, Now I can say that sometimes it feels like I wont make it through a bad situation but I have to reassure myself by saying ” God has got my back, I will be okay” even if it seems I may die. Have Faith.

God Only put people in your life for a reason. I do believe that people are sent to us to teach us. Whether it be good or bad we learn.

Daily I ask God to guide my words and my ways, to do good and to keep my mouth shut when I want to say mean things to people when they make me mad. I ask for the things I want in life and I give thanks for the things I already have been given.

So Merry Christmas to all and may God bless you all and keep you safe.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry