Things Change

In a blink of an eye things can change. Some people think that things just happen but I am not one of those people. I am thinking more toward ” it was meant to happen.” Even death.

I also believe that we have in us what we are supposed to be in life. I am often doubted for my abilities to make some decisions although I have done whatever successful many times before , the doubt is mainly because I did not go to college to learn ” how” but school is about reading books on the subject, right? I read several books and I can do this, I have done this.

Getting comfortable is what we are look to achieve, planting ourselves, making roots, but what about getting stuck instead of just being comfortable, that we should not stay in one house in the same town forever?

I was like this, I wanted better but I already had a home. I often prayed for better but went about my days like I did every day before the other one. Then one incident happened that sent my world spinning, not knowing where I would end up.

That one evil thing sent me to a better life, one I never thought I would ever have. Every single evil thing that this person/ people did God gave me more, gave me what I should have and not what was taken away, it was old and worn out, I was meant to have a better life.

Another thing that happened was by “a pack of evil doers” and God gave me the knowledge I needed, without going to school, to conquer all of them in just one day and alone. Sending me out to a new destiny.

This past few month I have seen the evil doings of this one person toward me but with every evil deed she does, God gives me the words and actions to conquer her evil intentions.

Yes things change and they can in the blink of the eye but be sure that God has the best coming your way. Give the problem to God. Just have faith and don`t worry. You have amazing things still to come.

No one ever said you would not meet evil doers.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

One Door Closed- One Door Opened

I usually don’t write articles like this but I feel a need to do this today, so here goes.

I do believe that one door closes and another will open for advancement. Its all part of Gods plan, some may think its harsh how things happen but as time passes we see why.

I left my old neighborhood because of all the drugs and terrible people, plus I had no real reason to stay because my dad passed away. I was lost because I had lived there more than half of my life and I often thought ” why me?” because I for the most part had it made living there.

Till ….. What came next.

I will add that the old neighborhood was tight, the houses close to each other. People walking all night long, people stealing your stuff and gas, dogs barking, cars slowly creeping, the smell of dope burning in the air and old stale beer. I had installed cameras and people did not like that either.

But Gods plan was for advancement, to push me to another level in life.

After I finally gave in and said ” show me what to do” in a prayer I ended up with better than before.

God showed me where to live. I moved there. He gave me a home with twice as much room as before.

God showed me that I can sleep good. No more all night walkers and barking dogs keeping me awake.

God showed me there is clean air. No more smelling dope and beer, instead I have clean fresh air.

God showed me peace. No more people knocking on my door at three am wanting money because they wanted to get high, no more people in my face telling me how to live my life by keeping me down at the bottom and them taking what I had to keep them on top.

No this did not happen over night and as I have been guided by God to make these changes, sometimes it was not easy. Now that its been six years I see it all clearly.

I looked for years for the place to live, each time I got my hopes up something would happen and I would not get the house. But in the end I understood. Tornado`s ripped through our area a couple years ago and you may believe this or not but its true, every house I applied for was either hit and damaged or completely blown away, Except this place.

I thought I had to give up people/ family I liked being around to keep my peace and quiet and I hated this part but in the end God showed me those were the people who were keeping me down and were doing harm to me behind my back.

Now I look back at my old neighborhood, because I still own there and this is what has changed:

Some of the people selling and smoking the dope and drinking so much beer that the area reeked are dead, others moved to another state so they could smoke it legally ( no joke, that is what they said). The air smells better.

Most of the old people passed away and new people have moved in, some are good people some are not.

The dogs still bark at the night people still walking the roads.

People still come to my door as I see them on cameras that I still have watching my old home place, but I will never answer their knocks again.

The biggest lesson I learned was , let God drive and you`ll get to where he wants you to be, and that people will always be jealous of those who are bettering themselves. And the biggest of all is that it was not my place to kill that person but to forgive him for what he caused, God chose to take him when he wanted him, five years later.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry