The Funeral Parlor

I spent the evening with family because this was the viewing for my Uncle, he passed away a couple days ago.

He had Lung cancer and it went into remission after Chemo, then came back and brought brain cancer with it. He did not suffer a long time with this disease but Plenty long enough.Three or four months. It was extremely hard for the children seeing their father talk out of his head, I paid it no attention because I have been around many sick people and help take care of some with dementia.

I was not around this uncle much growing up but I was more after I was over twenty one but I was around his children more since we are all close in age. Many of their kids would come to my house, go hunting or fishing with Tony.

It is sad because his wife is what I think in an early stage of dementia and they have a mentally retarded son that lives at home. The other son was very close to his dad and he is taking harder than the girls, When we stopped at Pinsons flower shop he was there , said he wanted buy is daddy flowers even though there is was spray from the family already, he was crying and Mr.Pinson asked me who was he and how was he kin. I told him My relation and I said that is his son, then he understood.

I seen kids that are now grown and introducing their family to me. It seems like a sad family reunion. I would actually throw a reunion but most of them would just fight, I reckon this is the only place they are civil.

My cousin told me she already told one to leave, I wondered why he was leaving so early and fast.

Tomorrow is the funeral, its supposed to rain and snow. Plus I have a busted pipe at a rental that has to be taken care of too, I don`t know how but we`ll manage.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry