Funeral day fights – Lord have mercy!

First I am spectator, I keep a civil tongue during this time of life.

Then there are the other three sides of a family. The husbands side and the wifes side and the children they made together.

There are not many left from the wives side of the family, most of them have passed away and only a sister that I seen and I like.

The husbands side of the family is huge! I mean massive.

They made four children, two boys and two girls.

So, it actually began last night at the funeral parlor, when a cousin came in( fathers side) and told one of the girls how to run her mothers life since her dad had died. Cuz told him off and told him to leave, he stormed out as we had just walked in and I wondered what happened, not that I was going to speak to him but I was just nosy.

One of his boys would disappear and I did not know why except he was taking his dads passing very hard but that was not at all what it was about.

One of the girls was a wild child and did everything, she is reaping what she has sown now. Her brother had already had it out with her at the hospital but I only heard of this a couple weeks ago.

All the other children did as father said and turned out to be pretty good kids.

Today the wild child`s husband said something to one of the Pallbearers and he left, and when asked what happened the man said he did not know but stood in for the one who left.

Uncle had a best friend, he was an old man and he smelled bad but everyone treated him like he was family, just no one told him to take a bath. Some how Tony ended up sitting in the chair the old man had sat in earlier…… Yes Tony now smelled like the old stinky man. It was sort of funny when Tony looked at me and said “Is that me stinking?” I said ” I think so.” A little later it hit me, he sat in that chair. I told Tony when we got home I know where he got the smell and who from. I am now washing out dress clothes, no I did not sit there but I don`t want not a dust particle from either of them on any of my clothes 🙂

I did not make it to the graveside but I had already had enough action for one day.

I knew more will be going down, for real!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry