Conversation With Angie – In my world

I deal with all walks of life from the mentally challenged to judges to homeless people to teachers to……. well you get the point, And I have normal conversations and the not so normal conversations.

I try my best to be the peace keeper and put out the fire in a heated debate but not in a condescending fashion. But there will always be times when I will smart mouth someone back who is down right rude and smart mouthed to me.

Usually most conversations are fun.

The past few days have been full of talking and here is a few conversations I either heard or was part of.

My sister does not drive and she asked me to stop by the funeral home and make a payment on her grave lot. The couple that owns this business are the most friendliest and down to earth people you`ll ever meet in this business.

When I walked in there was already someone buying headstones and they were about to pay, The guy was writing them up and usually its his wife, I told him I was just making a payment and sat down. The lady messed up her check and was rewriting it so he began to dig in the desk, looking for something and he opened a zipped bag and pulled out an envelop.

He looked at me and asked the name and I gave him mine and my sisters. He removed the payment plan where they write down the amount owed. Then he pulled out the receipt books, yes there was two and looked stunned.

His wife walked back into the room from the restroom and he said” do you use the regular receipt book or the graveyard book?” She replied ” the regular but did you get the…..” and she stopped in mid sentence when she seen he had already had the payment plan paper out, tallied up and received the payment.

He looked up at her and said ” See I am not as stupid as you thought I was”. Her reply was ” I guess you are not as stupid as I thought you were”.

Nice couple and they gave everyone in that room a big smile.


A couple days ago I stopped in to pay my car insurance and Tony`s truck insurance. I found this small office and its ran by two people only and they have grown to know me by my first name, they are the best when it comes to collecting and helping with any insurance. Always kind in nature and funny.

I will call the lady Judy and him Jack, no real names will be used.

As I was walking in Judy was headed out to a late lunch, we spoke and she was gone.

Jack called me on into his office and I told him I was paying mine and Tony`s car insurance as I took a chair in front of his desk.

He messed around with his computer a minute and told me to bear with him that he was not as fast as Judy.

He wrote some numbers down to print one receipt and told me he had to do it that way because he did not know how Judy did this, I said ” she also writes down one number”, he smiled and said” that`s good to know”.

Okay……. his effort did not work. I said I can make this easier for you and pay cash today.

His reply was ” I don`t know why they even leave this office open if Judy is not here, I cannot run all this new stuff!”. I hid a smile. Then he continued with ” that is why I am retiring next year, I can`t keep up with this technology. I used to be able to pick up the phone and say ” Alfa Insurance may I help you” But no now I have to push this button and then another and before I get to the right place they already hung up!”.

Finally he asked ” Is it okay to print the receipt separate?” I said ” sure”.

As he gave me the two receipts I said ” do you know which Walmart you`ll be working at?” He looked at me with a what are you talking about look, Then I added ” you know you retire from here and all the new tech, go be a walmart door greeter” . That got a big smile as I left. He is not that old!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry