Conversations – But I don`t wanna be known for that

Today was supposed to be cut and dry. No surprises at all. But we are talking about my life here so anything can happen.

We are still going to the chiropractor, since the wreck there has been problems BUT they are getting better, and I over heard one of the doctors talking to Tony but I did not heard why something happened.

So when Tony got finished and we left he told me what the doctor was talking about.

Tony was on the back stretching machine and the doctor was helping him with different moves to pull one side more than the other side. They began talking about fighting when growing up, fist fighting, and this is the story he told Tony.

The doctor said “look ” and he moved his nose side to side and continued “I did not grow up in a good neighbor and I had to fight everyday”.

Tony told the doctor ” I understand I was a red head and everyone picked on me and I fought daily”.

The doctor said ” I was not the right color”.

Tony said ” what?”

The doctor said ” I was not black enough for one neighborhood and I was not white enough for the other neighborhood, once I got beat with a ball bat.”

I found this conversation sad. In just one treatment with this wonderful doctor he fixed a place in my back that my regular doctor of 25 years has not.


Its no secret that I learned to cook very early in life and I have fed many people in my years but I do not want to be remembered just for cooking, well, unless I get paid like Martha, Paula and Rachel.

There is a very young girl that works at the doctors office and its been a week that I have been in and out. Today she asked ” Where do you live?” I thought she needed a mailing addresses and recited the post office box number but she said ” No, I mean are you from the Wellborn area”, Tony answered with a ” Yes”.

That is when she told us of how she kind of knows me, She said ” you cook really good don`t you?” and I answered with a ” I have been told”. Then she began to drop names and I can admit at first I did not want to say I knew those people but she said her family married into them. “Wheww ” I thought because the Aunt is married to one of the brothers of a guy that got kicked out of one of my houses but not by me. That same guy had ate at my dinner table more than once and I can say never, ever again.

I rented this house to one of Tony`s old friends ex wife, but she is an okay person, her daughter and the ” known” people moved in with the mother. The mother was the only person on the lease.

The daughter beat up the mother and the mother went to the hospital and the daughter and the other guy stayed at the house.

When the lady got out of the hospital after a week she told me that she was giving up th house so she moved, BUT she left the daughter and ” that guy” stuff sitting in the yard. I called them to come get their stuff because I did not want to see them loose their stuff, I was not in that fight mess, I am just a landlady. ” That Guy” called the police to me, claimed I tossed their stuff. But without a lease the police already knowing the mother rented it and not him , told him to load it up and move on.

Now back to the girl at the Dr. office, she told me she had heard a lot about how good I cooked.

Riding down the road going home Tony said” that is some reputation you got going on”.

I asked ” what are you talking about?”

Tony answered ” Being a good cook, when you die people will still be talking about how good that food was”.

I told him that is NOT want I want to known for, anyways people just say that to get a free meal.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry