Go Away – What Is Wrong With You!?

I don`t know what is wrong with people. I tell them to go away and they keep coming back. They always say ” Bye I love you” as they walk off. But I am not falling for that I love you crap. There is something bad wrong with that mans mind. I am not sure if he was born touched in the head or if he has burned every brain cell out with drugs.

It took me a hour to cool down from this encounter and when I checked my blood pressure it was still boiling, no kidding. I did not yell or cuss. I simply asked one question ” what are you doing here?” All I got was to see this man, well that man knows how I feel about that guy being around me and my stuff.

Then I went back and I Told Tony he better not say a word, this was my business not his. I made sure this guy knows where I stand and that is not with the stupid people. Once get a warning, second time…. I said once more and your butt is gone.

There was no read between the lines, I said it all in plain English.


Earlier I got to deal with another anus that seems to think that the degree hanging on his wall makes his superior. I don`t think he liked it when I called someone out for possible double dipping because I caught that tiny change in his voice, just enough to tell me that the old partner is not so ….. so truthful. I also let him know its my money too and I am getting tired of sharing.


Today I stood tall and stood my ground. I am tired of men thinking they can run over me and get by with it.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry