Not Much

That means I don`t have much to do today, at least nothing much planned.

I want to go to the park and just walk and hang out in the sunshine away from people,Most people are walking or running for health reasons but I could never do that with Tony, he talks to ANYONE that will stop a minute and listen, about what? Anything that pops into his head at that moment.

We have a few doctor check ups, but that is just to make sure we are both over that cold/flu thing. And the last test to show that nothing is wrong with my heart.

I may drop by Aldi`s and check out the produce of the week. I am not sure I would buy anything since I still have plenty of fresh produce.

I am thinking about hitting up that attorney and seeing what is going on with all that mess and to let him know what was done almost killed me and did add a nail to my coffin.

I changed my purse back to the smaller one, I had bought one that was called a medium size and its black with the hippie strings that hangs down. The problem was that everything went to the bottom and I have to dig. I am just not a bog purse kind of woman. I like them smaller so when I open it, my stuff is there where I can see it. Digging for the cell phone was the worst so I just kept the ringer off all the time so I did not have to dig it out.

Right at this moment I am enjoying the quiet time I have, everyone is asleep and I am washing clothes. The sun is shining and the day will be good.

How about you, got plans for today?

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry