When All Else Fails Just Sleep

For two days I have heard ” I don`t feel good” but today when Tony said ” I don`t feel good and I don`t want to go anywhere” I knew it was time for him to go to the doctor.

I don`t get a straight answer so I have to prob him for information and this is how it sounds.

Me: What do you mean you Don`t feel good?

Tony: I feel sick, weird.

Me: Does you stomach hurt?

Tony : No.

Me : Do you feel exhausted?

Tony: Yes

Me getting tired of this: Do you feel like passing out? do you want to throw up? Are you having chest pains? Tell me in detail what is weird!?

Tony: I am short of breath, feel tired and I am dizzy. I think its the medication I am taking.

Me: You`re only taking blood pressure medication and blood thinners. Its time for you to go to the doctor.

Tony, saying the usual : I think I am dying.

Me: Hospital? or Doctor? Pick one and get dressed.

Tony : Doctor.

I get dressed and grab my book and take him to the clinic but once we get there I told him they don`t have a doctor we need to go to the other clinic with Dr. S . So we walk out and go to the other doctors office about two miles up the road, a walk in clinic but they know us because its the one we always use.

I walk in and begin to sign in and the receptionist says, we are full guys and there is no guarantee to be seen. We leave but I turn back around and went back because I had forgotten I needed a different prescription for his blood pressure med`s than how it was written last time. The lady looks it up and asked me the 20 or 40 mgs. and I have to walk back outside to get the paper with the amount of it, mean time Tony talks her into letting him get his blood pressure taken.

His Blood pressure was fine and the nurse told him because his ears was hurting that could be why he was dizzy.

I come home and he goes back to sleep and sleeps four hours.

I was so tired of this nothingness of a day I took a two hour nap myself!

Ever seen a doctors office tell you no when you are sick? Seems to be the normal around here!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

No Action Needed And The Police

I had talked about the doctors office and what was happening so yesterday was my visit to the chiropractor and now I do not have to tell anyone anything.

I know the main office has moved into this huge building with a fitness club and he has renamed his business and that may be a good thing. But I went to the small office that is open late on Mondays and that is when I heard the gossip doctor is moving to another state. Whew! I don`t have to say anything but once again he was at it.

This man is young but he is a good doctor, he finally got one of these bulging discs back in place yesterday and it was instant relief. And he fixed my neck that has the same problem.


This seems to be a pattern and it usually happens around the forth or fifth of each month.

Someone trespasses or gets the police called to them.

Not to disappoint when I got back to work after taking Tony is for his check up the police was at my sisters house.

I park at My Uncles and Tony goes to his house and I go to my sister.

This is what happened : I have an empty rental house across the street from my sister and she knows I have been showing this one a little even though its not repainted yet, A man and woman pulled up and she asked could she help them and the man said he was looking for the last tenant and she told him he moved and he needed to leave because its my house, the woman was out of the car and walking ” around” my rental. That is when he began to cuss her it was a f you and f your sister, he owes me $3600 and I will get it if I have to beat it out of him. She called the cops but they took off.

This is a problem that most people don`t know about when you have rentals, the people move and they don`t tell everyone or anyone where they moved so the ” friends” continue to come, even if someone else has rented the place.

Today I place a sign in the window that reads ” ***** MOVED” and I will put something across the driveway.

Another day in the life….

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Unbecoming Behavior

I had a wreck last year, nothing serious but the jolt of being hit did mess up the alignment of my neck and back. I have been going to the Chiropractor, the same one I have been going to since he established business.

Over the years he had several more doctors in office to help, although I think he is better than the rest, One was Dr. C and I adored him but after his contract was up he moved his practice back to his home town an hour away.

That left the door open for new doctors. He hired two, one is older and one younger. Both are good doctors.


I noticed something after a few visits and its not nice.

The younger doctor would complain about everyone, for the most part the staff and his boss. He told me how much the women make per hour, at the smaller office in the college town, He said they were no doing their jobs.

Next he began to tell me about how some peoples breath stunk so bad. This was not nice ..” One older woman took a deep breath and it came out and went all in my face and mouth.” And this one. ” This one guy has naturally greasy skin and my hands are full of face greasy after he leaves and the staff asks me why I wash my hands.”

Well the main doctor gave me my schedule to visit for check ups and I know when something is out of place. I go in a couple times a month as ordered.

I stopped by to talk to one of the staff and I he told me they are moving, he did take the old grocery store building he had told me about it back in the Winter. I asked ” are you going to keep the other office open and he told me the ” if” and I wanted to tell him to say bye bye to that office but I could not because it would have been over heard.

No professional should ever talk about people to another patient, regardless if names are used or not. I do think this hurts a business. And this man`s business has been good so far for 30 years.

What do you think? Should I tell the doctor about this employee?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News

Another unplanned fly by the seat of my pants day, I did work but not as you would think.

First I had to talk to someone about a mentally challenged person so I went to the count mental health center, They wanted me to take to someone else in a different office and if that did not help to come back to them. I also seen one of Tony`s family members heading inside :/

Next I wanted to check and see if I could get my blood test results from a few weeks ago so I would know what to eat and how much more to exercise. The news was not good but I did not expect it to be, my sugar a1c or whatever the tests name is, is still high so I have to get that down and I have not had a cholesterol test in a year and its up a little at 256 which is not real bad but it needs to be around 199, with the tri`s only 40 points over normal so I was told to do what I know to do, get back off animal products.

I made my three month check up today because the computers were down when I was there last. I also made Tony an Appointment and this is why….

I call in Tony`s medication and when I asked the guy, the guy we know that works there, to look up and see if he had a refill left on his testosterone he told me he would when he got time and I said, well how do I know if I need to make him an appointment, he told me to call back later. This made me mad and I did intend on reporting him but when I stopped by to pick up his medication today it was filled and will last ten months, with no refills left. The other lady said that was his weird sense of humor, well to me it just makes a mess or things.

Since he got his testosterone he went over and signed in for the nurse to give him a shot, now maybe he wont feel so tired he has been out over the time he usually has his shot.

Now I must work on me, I will become a veg head again.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

And the Doctor said…. Two Doctors Two People

First, I have not told anyone because I could not even for a minute think that I have a heart problem.

When I first went to Dr. Smith he heard a murmur so he sent me for an echo and when that came back he said “you need a heart doctor because people who have this condition has high blood pressure, shortness of breath or a family history and you don`t have any of those!” I was under the impression I had a leaking valve.

After nearly six months and praying harder than ever today was the day.

The nurse came in and gave me an EKG and left. Blodd pressure 124/67, heart rate 60 . Later the doctor came in sat down and asked me ” why are you even here?” I said ” heart problem?”

He said ” no, What lead you to my office.” I told him and he said ” Well by looking at these two test you do have an irregular heart beat and one day when you get “OLD” you could have heart failure but don`t worry we have pace makers for that.”

He then asked me about what my days are like, what do I do daily. He was happy to know I do not sit on the backside.

Since I smoked for over twenty years before quitting, although its been 10 since I put one in my mouth, he wants me to take a stress test, make sure I don`t have any clogged arteries. I am sure I can pass this test, after all I walk and run regular.

So one more test and this nonsense is over.

But its good to know that I am as healthy as I feel.

Tony kept waking me up coughing all night, nothing helped.

So next was Tony, after his doctors office turned him away ” till a walk in day” and then the clinic told him to take over the counter meds for his ” cant breathe I need help, coughing and snotting self” I made him go to my doctor, they take walking ins anytime.

My doctor is open from Noon till nine pm. We got there early, at five pm but I still have to wait for a couple hours, but thats total waiting.

He got two shots, three types of medication and the doctor has him scheduled for chest x-ray in the morning. With a two week come back check up.

I told him weeks ago to go to my doctor, I used to use his and she just doesn`t care nor does that office.

I changed back last year when I asked for a call in for my hormones and that office got back to me three weeks later but I after a week I already went to Doctor Smith and had them, she did not even look in the computer to see that I no longer needed those meds.

So Tony will be well now and be able to breathe and I can get some sleep.

Well thats my day and it was a good one, in my opinion. How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry