What Was I Thinking?

In a single day I can think about many things and people and not once does it ever connect to what I am doing at home or work.

Never once did I think about dinner but I came home from killing myself trying to get that house cleaned out so I can start back making a payday from it. Anyways I walked in the kitchen and made goulash and garlic toast, no thoughts on cooking at all, my mind was elsewhere and I made a wonderful meal.

I am often so deep in thought that I will drive somewhere and never remember the trip itself, its like I know the way without thinking.

I can mow the lawn and the time will pass fast because I am always thinking of days to come or what I need to do tomorrow or before bed.

Tonight I am wondering about someone, I guess I will just have to call even though I do hate talking on the phone.

That reminds me I have to write down another call to make tomorrow and that is to call in Tony`s medications, All weekend I have a ” do Monday list” on the counter to write down stuff so I wont forget.

But while I am writing all of this I am thinking about how I am going to word and write out the bill to the previous tenant, her damage deposit did not cover even the materials, much less the labor. She will own me just a little over one thousand dollars! Think I will get this money? Tony says No but I am not so sure, I will add that she can make payments.

I have to bite the bullet and go restock the meats for Tony. I don`t mind eating chicken but he insists on pork and beef. He doesn`t need all that red meat, he has already suffered with clogged arteries.

I know, I think to much, right?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry