Interesting Day

I had made plans for the day and I can say that a little investigative work can reveal more than you could ever think.

I don`t like paying three Hundred and fifty dollars for a piece if paper that is not correct an told that it is.

So I spent Three dollars more to prove that a man once again is trying to take advantage of a woman, thinking that the woman is stupid and will believe anything and everything that is told to her. But he don`t know about Angie 🙂

Tomorrow I call out this man, if he doesnt want to correct the problem I am at liberty to report him to the state.

I am one fired up woman after I read four separated documents that range from 1942 to today. ALL of them are not wrong. He is.


Follow up with the doctor. I told my doctor about the steroid shot and how sick I was and how I medicated myself in order to keep diabetes under control. He told me he was impressed with how I handled the situation.

I also told him that since that happened about the muscle cramps so he took blood to test my vitamins.

I was told keep up the good work and sent away with three month supply of medication, a prescription that is.


I went to pick up medication and they had NOT filled Tony`s and I called it in on Monday. They filled something but it was not mine because I don`t use creme nothing.

I asked ” where is Sam?” and Steve said ” He got promoted so he wont be back.” I replied with “I am mad at him!” and the Woman in the back said “Don`t be mad at Sam, Steve did it.” And I said ” Tell him “I am mad he left.” Steve said ” HEY!” the woman in the back was laughing and yelling ” I love it!”

I finally got out medication before they closed for the evening.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry