Not Much to say but a lot to talk about

This evening is a hard evening for me to talk about stuff. I have written three blogs with only one being posted here.

So! What do I want to say here?

I have to think about what is appropriate to wrote here and what is not.

Then I also have to think about this, what are people tired of hearing about?

Not much I can say about getting of the grid, nothing major there. I walked the dogs, whoopie! I seen straw to bundle and sell, I want to plant the here and there, but that has been beat to death already. I need some money to buy solar stuff, now thats a story!

How about more ” Adventures of a landlady?” I have a ton of that in my brain, some I wished was not even there, I can get down and dirty with who is down and dirty, who had sex tapes and left them behind???? Na I better not go there and tell what all I see that people do in their homes, some will just about scare you to living in one house forever!

Food? I eat healthy but today was not healthy, except the oranges 🙂 But I am only human and for me to act like I am perfect would most certainly be a lie, I am not to much into lies, unless to not hurt someones feelings, then I will lie. After the doc appointment in February I may wished that I did live it up, but I am sure its just the fear of the unknown, I will eat healthier.

Writing? am I serious? Sure I am but do you care?

Oh wait! I have not written anything about decorating on a dime! Maybe that`ll be something I can write about that you`ll like to read, right?!

Coupons! Shopping with coupons! I love them and I can make a dollar go on forever, almost. But My car is broken and Tony is sick so no fun for me, plus I made a resolution to cut back , but what the heck! >>>>>Stockpiling? Hey, Pink Salmon is $1.50 a can at CVS this week 🙂 Heck yes I got my three cans for $4.95.

How is your day or night?

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry