Conversations With Angie

Some days I talk to many people and animals, some days not so much to anyone except online.

Yesterday was a talk day.

I was at a rental house working and I had went to the store and came back. A little fluffy black dog walked up and I said ” Hey, where did you come from?” This dog walked over and gentle stood up with its front paws on my legs, as to greet me. Then she walked over to Tony sitting on the porch and sat in his lap. After a couple of minutes he shooed her away. This little dog followed me all over the yard while I picked dandelion flowers to eat later, then when I took a short break and say down she came over and sat in my lap and insisted that I pet her head, by nudging my hand 🙂 I told the dog it needed to go back home and I am sure it was the neighbors house dog because she smelled clean and kept looking over there, I went inside and when I came back out she was gone. Its strange to meet a dog and it love you right away.

Uncle stopped by when he seen the work going on. He was headed to the doctors office because his knee was swollen but he had been talking about feeling tired all the time. As much as he does not want to admit he is a borderline diabetic and he does eat A LOT of sweet junk food. I told him to cut back and he would feel better.

A couple hours later he came by and I had him to inspect the drywall repair 🙂 just for the fun of it, and the doctor told him to go on a diet!!! I had already figured that was why his knee was hurting because he started walking and he is about 50 pounds over weight.

Now a blast from the past that come to mind :

When I was young my brother said ” You are a flower child and you were born in the wrong time.” I never knew what he meant by that but it stuck with me as did this statement ” When you were a baby you ate any paper you could find, even my homework and everyone always said you would be a writer when you grew up.” I laughed at this one because school was boring to me and he had no idea that I blog today, or that I have two books written, not published but written.

Do you have conversations that stick with you long after the fact?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversations With Angie

Yesterday was a day filled with good and bad situations, beginning with the pleasant people and ending with the worst.

Some we brief and others lasted a little longer. I talked with all walks of life because that is just me.

First I was at the post office and this was actually an over heard conversation.

Older man – I need this over night, what is the price?

Cashier – Twenty dollars.

Older man – whats next but cheaper?

Cashier – This one is Thirteen and you get insurance and tracking with two to three day delivery.

Older man – Okay I will take that, can you address this for me?

Cashier – No.

This usually is a nice lady and with the place being empty and I was being took care of by the other cashier, I found that rude. It would have taken her far less time than this older man. No I did not address this for him because I was late already and he was half way there by the time I was finished.


I passed by One of my elderly friend house and Tony seen something that was not right, a man standing in her yard so I turned around and went back.

She came from behind the garage walking toward her house with cane in hand and a face mask on because she was burning leaves.

Then I seen who the man was, I did know him but he is a little shady so when this elderly woman of 90 years old next month told me to come in and get my dishes ( sometimes I will cook her a meal and drop it off 🙂 I walked inside and she told me she felt sorry for the young man that his mother just found out she has lung cancer and asked him to work a little for money. I know this family and what is going on too. But I still warmed her not to let him in the house. She said she wouldn`t and told me that she did find someone new to mow her grass and he has his own equipment.

While I was inside Tony told this young man that we love this old lady and that he had better treat her right and not say anything out of the way to her 🙂

He said he would not ever do that.

See years ago this elderly lady told me where she hide a key and if she calls and needs to how to get in, or if she doesnt answer the door or phone and I know she is in there. I am the only one besides her sister that knows this.


When I went back to pick up my sister at Walmart she was by customer service and she yelled for me when she seen I was looking for her around the check out lines.

She was talking to the customer service woman about a rude employee.

You know the older women that set up sampling stations through out the grocery section to push products? It was one of those.

My sister walked up and many people was gathered around and she listened to the sales pitch, then she asked for a sample because the lady had them laid out, it was thin slices of pizza, and this lady looked at my sister and told her very rudely ” you can go buy it at the bakery!” My sister said ” that was so mean and rude that all those people just walked away, and she was so embarrassed .”

I told her to go to the car.

I walked over and NO one was there and slices of pizza were displayed across her working station. I said ” Ah, Pizza! And she gave me the sales pitch and added we sell them in the bakery section”, but not rude at all. I said “thanks” and picked up the biggest slice and walked out the door with the slice of pizza.

Outside I told my sister ” here have your pizza and her name is Sue, call one eight hundred Walmart and report her behavior.”

My sister asked me ” did she give you this pizza?” I smiled and said to her ” No,I did not ask. I took it, it was a free sample wasn`t it?”


Next I had a little business to do while Tony was at the doctor. I talked to management of this one establishment and learned of a maybe change of hands and since they know I have experience running businesses in the past, and now rental houses, and dealing with different agencies to collect funds, I was offered a job, I said ” Yes” but its all a waiting game. He did throw some numbers at me and the rent on the place was awesome and the annul income sounded good to me. I told him that it is up to him but there needed to be some adjustments in his contract, I forgot to tell him that If it were me I would do this through an attorney, the contract and all. I did warn him of breach of contract, next week I will go back and tell this man that part, whether I take a job there or not.


Then I finished shopping , took my sister home and all hell had broken loose at one of the rental houses. You can read more about this :

Great American Dream – Another One Bites The Dust

At Publix in Oxford, Alabama.

Now I left out a few brief conversations , one was with my old doctor. I only stopped using him because the cost out of pocket. He is the ” hugging” doctor. He hugged me and my sister and Tony. What is funny he has never seen my sister, LOL.

Next I seen my new attorney in the parking lot, I asked how he was doing and he was sick and just got two shots and medication. He asked about me and I told him the doctor visit did not go well, he told me don`t go back! I had no intentions of doing so but I just nodded and wished him well.

At Dinner : Ocean Buffet, Anniston , Alabama

We were seated next to a lady that we have known most of out lives, she went to school where Tony did but she was much younger than he is, closer to my age, but she works as the accountant at the recycling center and she has rental houses.

So through dinner we had a delightful conversation.


Some days I talk to everyone, some days I see no one and talk less. How about you? ever happen to you?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversation With Angie – To Much Bull

See this is where conversations can take a turn around to put out a heated moment or to resolve what one sees as a problem. Bull sh*ting and Bull sh*ter.

While I was inspecting one of my rental properties the tenant was telling me what she needed fixed as I was checking out for her cleanliness, she is known to me to hoard and not clean, she told me ” we have a water leak somewhere”. I asked “where?”. She did not know but he water bill was higher. I had to explain that I could not find it, she would have to tell me where its leaking for me to fix it. She told me that her dog went under the house and that there is a huge deep hole under the house, why?

Now I am on my toes and I do not miss a beat when I explained “Back in the old days people dug root cellars to store their canned foods, it had to be cool and dark”. They agreed that people used to do this practice. Seriously, I have no idea why there is a huge hole under the house unless its an unfinished basement from eighty years ago. 🙂


Last week the night time guy at the gas station sold Tony a carton of cigarettes, a new brand for him to try, but he tossed 10 packs in a bag and not the carton.

After two packs Tony decided he could not smoke them that they were to strong and took them back. The day cashier was a total Botch and Tony came back to the car mad with the cigarettes in hand. The cashier refused to let him talk to the manager.

This morning I went in for my weekly Sunday News papers and the manager was working, I know her from shopping at this store so while the store was empty I talked with her about what had happened.

I told her about the rude encounter and she told me she heard something about it. Then she added that she is not supposed to say anything but knowing me somewhat and I have no harm toward anyone she told me when she is in back she is with money and that is why she could not come out.

Here comes the billsh*t.

She told me they cannot by law take cigarettes back for an exchange or refund.What??!?!?!? Bull. Wanna know why? if that was true where are the signs? If refunds or exchanges for tobacco products is against the law there would be a huge sign stating this fact. All sales final. Right?

I got another one too, she said ” we cannot sell generic cigarettes in a carton they have to be loose”. WHAT?!?!?!

I do like this manager but c`mon cant bull sh*t a bull sh*tter! I do not see this as underestimating my intelligence but as being a peace maker. I run a business and I know how that goes BUT… come on now!

When I was 19 years old I worked as a “go for” this blind man for his store, I bought cigarettes from the wholesale house. This man gave me a list and the money with his tax number and I drove my truck and picked up his order. The cigarettes are owned by each store and has nothing to do with who exchanges or refunds. The state only enforces sale to minors.

So this is how this situation will play out, I can call home office and I ask these questions or I call the state of Alabama and ask them these questions, why ask? I am a facts kind of person.

I will also report this same cashier for what she said when asked for something to check the oil in my truck, I said” I need something to wipe the oil stick to check my oil” that same cashier replied ” you`ll have to go to another gas station if you want that service”. I kid you not! Her boyfriend offered me a paper towel, not the lady running the place.The manager at the time was told but nothing was done because she is still there.

How do you bull sh*it a bull sh*tter?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry