Alone Day – A day about nothing

Today I had the entire day alone. I slept till I woke naturally, no alarm, no people, no phones.

I knew I would work in the house today because everything being closed for the holiday and the temps only being at freezing all day.

I began with vacuuming the living room because thats is the room that is alway occupied and its hard to get anything done in there. For the most part the rest of the house is okay as far as being clean, well, except the bathrooms, they are always in need of cleaning.

But there was one room I have been wanting to tackle for a while now and that is the pantry, and all the other cleaning always got in the way. That is what I did today, I organized and took note of what I am low of and I tossed a few stale items. After getting things in order I actually have an entire shelf empty, I may move some things from the spare bedroom/ stockpile room into the pantry.

I swept and mopped and now its back nice and I know exactly what I have to eat or cook with in this room.
I ended up being on the computer a little longer this morning than I had planned, chatting with people on mylot. They are so funny and usually have me laughing.
And I knew it`ll be late when Tony comes in so I went to the grocery store for diet Pepsi, I did not want to get out tonight because of the low temps and chance of snow flurries. Ya know its an addiction and being without is no good. 🙂
Yes it was just 35° all day but I still took the dogs for a walk, a twenty minute walk today and not thirty minutes but thats all they wanted was some of my attention and food.


I have already made dinner and since I ate vegan all day I decided to have my home made chicken noodle soup for dinner. I know Tony will be cold and its a good meal to warm the body up with, plus I think he has a light case of the flu or whatever that coughing stuff is going around. Chicken soup helps.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry