What?! Nuts are not the same

Late last night Tony ran out of cigarettes, he has been buying by the packs and trying to quit smoking. I had mentioned that if he is not going to quit that he is wasting his money because by the pack is more expensive that buying by the carton. When you pay over five dollars for each pack you end up paying over fifty dollars for a carton but if you buy the carton as a whole its just a little over thirty dollars.

He decided to buy a carton. because he just cannot stoop smoking.

Tony asked ” do you want anything?”.

I said ” Yes, I would like some candied pecans, if they are out get me one of those single serve pecan pies” and I gave him twenty dollars.

When Tony came home he handed me a plastic bag and I looked inside because it was heavy. What I seen was a cherry fruit pie and a chocolate pie, a pack of whole cashews. I was thinking ” Where are the pecans?” so I asked.

He said he figured I would like that better. I said ” I do not eat the same pies you do and those are salted cashews, all your favorites”.

He got mad, put his shoes back on and went back to the store and brought back a single serve pecan pie.

Now fast forward to this morning.

I woke early and I tried not to make noise when I was making coffee so not to wake Tony, I have no idea what time he went to bed.

He finally woke up and after a little while he said ” I just figured you did not want to pay $2 for one of those small pies”.

I said ” Those Cashews were $2 and I have never liked those fruit pies that are dipped in sugar, I told you wanted pecan anything”

After I minute I said ” let me put it this way, if you sent me after a pack of cigarettes and I brought back snuff you would not be happy”.

He replied with” thats not the same”.

I said ” Yes it is, its nicotine. I wanted pecans or pecan pie and you brought back fruit pie and cashews, pie and nuts”.

I ended the conversation.

Later he came back here to the office and said ” I am sorry, you are right, I should have just bought the pecans”.


By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversation With Angie – To Much Bull

See this is where conversations can take a turn around to put out a heated moment or to resolve what one sees as a problem. Bull sh*ting and Bull sh*ter.

While I was inspecting one of my rental properties the tenant was telling me what she needed fixed as I was checking out for her cleanliness, she is known to me to hoard and not clean, she told me ” we have a water leak somewhere”. I asked “where?”. She did not know but he water bill was higher. I had to explain that I could not find it, she would have to tell me where its leaking for me to fix it. She told me that her dog went under the house and that there is a huge deep hole under the house, why?

Now I am on my toes and I do not miss a beat when I explained “Back in the old days people dug root cellars to store their canned foods, it had to be cool and dark”. They agreed that people used to do this practice. Seriously, I have no idea why there is a huge hole under the house unless its an unfinished basement from eighty years ago. 🙂


Last week the night time guy at the gas station sold Tony a carton of cigarettes, a new brand for him to try, but he tossed 10 packs in a bag and not the carton.

After two packs Tony decided he could not smoke them that they were to strong and took them back. The day cashier was a total Botch and Tony came back to the car mad with the cigarettes in hand. The cashier refused to let him talk to the manager.

This morning I went in for my weekly Sunday News papers and the manager was working, I know her from shopping at this store so while the store was empty I talked with her about what had happened.

I told her about the rude encounter and she told me she heard something about it. Then she added that she is not supposed to say anything but knowing me somewhat and I have no harm toward anyone she told me when she is in back she is with money and that is why she could not come out.

Here comes the billsh*t.

She told me they cannot by law take cigarettes back for an exchange or refund.What??!?!?!? Bull. Wanna know why? if that was true where are the signs? If refunds or exchanges for tobacco products is against the law there would be a huge sign stating this fact. All sales final. Right?

I got another one too, she said ” we cannot sell generic cigarettes in a carton they have to be loose”. WHAT?!?!?!

I do like this manager but c`mon cant bull sh*t a bull sh*tter! I do not see this as underestimating my intelligence but as being a peace maker. I run a business and I know how that goes BUT… come on now!

When I was 19 years old I worked as a “go for” this blind man for his store, I bought cigarettes from the wholesale house. This man gave me a list and the money with his tax number and I drove my truck and picked up his order. The cigarettes are owned by each store and has nothing to do with who exchanges or refunds. The state only enforces sale to minors.

So this is how this situation will play out, I can call home office and I ask these questions or I call the state of Alabama and ask them these questions, why ask? I am a facts kind of person.

I will also report this same cashier for what she said when asked for something to check the oil in my truck, I said” I need something to wipe the oil stick to check my oil” that same cashier replied ” you`ll have to go to another gas station if you want that service”. I kid you not! Her boyfriend offered me a paper towel, not the lady running the place.The manager at the time was told but nothing was done because she is still there.

How do you bull sh*it a bull sh*tter?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry