End Of Year 2015 Check In

Here we go yet again. Its check in time to see how I did with those resolutions that most people say they forget around February. I write mine down and I make sure I reflect each month on progress or lack there of.

My number one concern for the year of 2015 was to get back in touch with how I am eating and to deal with diabetes. I did change doctors, twice. I was tired of them not listening to what I was saying. I do have a good doctor now and he is tough on me about this diabetes, he wants me to attend cooking classes for diabetes but he does not understand that I know how to cook and I do not care for the meat they try and push me to eat. What I am saying I know better and I am not perfect. I will say this one is a success.

Number two to work on is getting better organized than I already am ( I just scratched my head while thinking), I am gonna go with yes and no. I can think of things I need to go through, get rid of and /or keep but clean up better. Yes I have a place for everything and its neat like that. This one is a success but still needs more work.

Number three was for me to make more me time, do more of what I like to do. This one us also and yes and no. I did inherit/ rescue a new dog and I walk him daily unless its pouring rain and he wont budge out of his dog house, not even for food! And I enjoy the time I spend alone walking. I did manage to get a few more good photographs this year. I do love the one with the red tree in the middle of all the pines and dead trees. And I did work on another book and I just need to add the photos and I will be ready to self publish. I do need to work more for making time for me and not worrying with other people so much, meaning less stress and less of their drama.

Number four… The big tough one. Stop cussing. I smile as I type this because its a big fat , no. Failed completely! I know this is not a good habit for such a wonderful lady as myself but its there, I say cuss words. I have no idea how I will ever stop cussing, especially when I am mad.

Now see how easy it is to make and do your best to keep your resolutions? I am actually making new ones for the new year 2016.

How about you? can you do it?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry