Please Accept My Apology

Please Accept My Apology

I would like to say I am sorry to all of those who used my link to join Blogbourne, I was under the impression that it was a blogging community, especially when in the name it reads ” BlogBourne, share your world.”

I am sorry to anyone that was told they were not good enough to write on this site.

I also was notified about the update of the terms of service that is in the forum. I did not notice this because I do not visit this form often because I do not have time, But that was my fault.

One week I had four blog posts that were in the top ten for the most views, so I was told by the staff, and that meant one thing ” VIEWS’ and that equals money for th site.

The next week, after a misunderstanding, I am told my articles are not good enough, to personal. But I am a personal blogger, not a professional writer.

This morning after I did write a personal article I was contacted and asked to remove it, no problem I did, Actually it was meant for this blogging site, my Bad!

So I asked the owner of the site “well, what is allowed?” And he told me that my recipes and off the grid was good enough. He added ” You have been walking a fine line because of the personal stuff and actually many people are upset that I am writing and they are not allowed. This made me sad, to the point of tears.

That got me to thinking today while I was at work, ALL of my articles are personal, those are MY recipes and off the grid is MY journey. My journey is the same as a daily diary is it not?!


Instead of writing at Blogbourne, because I am a personal blogger and not an information writer, I will no longer write on the site. I do not want to hurt anyones feelings and I most certainly do not want anyone thinking I am better than they are. ALL writers are special people, we are special because we share a piece of ourselves with the world.

I removed all my articles that are ” a personal blogger” articles.

Please accept my apology.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry