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I think I mentioned on my wall that I was in an accident a week before Halloween, It was minor and both cars was drivable. The lady told us to call and let her know the amount of the damaged she caused.

Now fast forward three weeks. I have had a headache off and on for three weeks and neck pain. But I tend to blow off pain, take an aspirin and move on.


After the bad ass headache yesterday I went to the Chiropractor today, I still had that little nagging pain but it had dulled.

After a million x-rays I was told I do have some problems, my neck is leaning to the right AND my upper jaw is not straight!

Now it makes sense to me, I had this weird feeling in the upper part of my jaw in my face below my eye and close to my nose, it was not pain but felt like pressure, like someone was touching me. I had forgotten all about that.

I told the doc that I was in a wreck and he said it makes sense since I did not see it coming and I was like a rag doll and just flopped back and forth.

The doc popped my neck a couple of time,He told me that it would take a few adjustments to get my neck back in line so I have to go back on Monday.

I learned from this small accident. If you have any pain get it seen about no matter how small the accident is.

My neck is sooooo sore but not as stiff, and the headache? its still here but not as bad tonight as it was yesterday.

I believe in chiropractic care . It is the only way to manage pain for me . If anyone knows me they know I do not like taking pills for anything unless I absolutely have to and I wont take anything stronger than an aspirin for pain except once or twice after a surgery. I like having a clear mind.

How about you? Do you do chiropractic care?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry