Team Efforts – Getting Things Done

Team Efforts – Getting Things Done

I am a team player and I always have been, I can follow rules or I can lead if need be. There is nothing more satisfying that accomplishing a task with a team of people, whether its two or ten.

I am often stuck with doing duties that most people won`t do or they say cannot be done, for instance, mowing down a grown up field with a push mower. Yes it can be and has been don`t, their problem was the fact its hard work.

I have learned to make a list and split it with the team of workers, and myself, giving the job or task to the person that can do that job better than the next. I, for one, am excellent at painting walls, not so good at ceilings. I despise sheet rock work but will help if I have to. I can lay tile and I am good at it, I do not like laying carpet but once again I will help if need be.

Yesterday was a day of team work, its been a while since I have had any help doing anything. Paying or not.

Since I got the new (used) riding mower last week it has rained daily and I have not gotten to mow the two acres, I still have the three in one mower. The three in one mower is one mower with three mowers parts to make it one 🙂

While it was hot and nearly noon I went out to mow because the evenings have been pop up rain showers, As I was mowing I looked up and seen another mower.

I gave the thumbs up and a sign of thanks and headed out to the field, letting him mow near the house because I did not know how much he could do. After mowing one half acre I seen him go inside so I rode up to the house, My help had to quit, he could not breathe. I put the ceiling fan on and the small room fan and turned the a/c down to get it a little cooler. When he was okay, I went out and mowed the back yard for the dogs and I had to stop, leaving a half acre .

Although I told him to never do that again with his problems at the moment, I was happy to have help, working as a team.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Someone Is Watching

Have you ever went outside and had the feeling that someone is watching you?

For the past few weeks I have had this feeling that someone is around and watching me, when I go outside.

A couple nights ago I went back outside to get something I had left in the car and I looked into the darkness because I know someone was there I could feel them, I had chills run up the back of my neck but I did not panic or let on like I knew, I got what I went out for and then I ran up the stairs and into the house locking the door behind me, I looked out the window but did not see anyone.

The dogs are barking off and on and I never see what it is they are barking at.

Until today…….

I decided to go to work this evening instead of early today, I had loaded the car with what I needed to get done and I got Tony and off to work I went, as I pulled out of the driveway I seen someone standing at the edge of the woods across the street, he could see my house from that point. I told Tony that is not going to work! I drove about a mile up the road and turned around and headed back for home. This man was still standing there. He was around six foot tall and late twenties to early thirties, thin but not skinny. He wore blue jean shorts and no shirt, the shirt was bright greenish and was hanging out of his pocket. He had a backpack on and wearing a green baseball cap. He had dark hair and a clean cut bread.

I came inside before I called the police. In no time they were here and I gave them the information and he was not aware of the two abandoned house in those woods and the field. The police assumed it was the local mental guy that picks up cans and is harmless but we know what he looks like and its not him, this guy is younger than that one.

I went on to work at the advice of the policeman, he said he would watch out this evening and I ordered a patrol. As I was leaving for work I seen the policeman going into the woods.

I do have an alarm and cameras up but still this guy was up to no good.

Have you ever had that feeling that someone is watching you?

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

My Day Off – Really?

I know I can`t really say it was a day off as in being lazy, I am not sure I do those days often. But I took off from outside life and appointments and people, Although I am debating on making a few calls.

By heart and soul I am a hoarding minimalist. Contradictory? Yes but I have noticed we are all like this, I call it a balance now. I am neither but I am both 🙂

I have munched on and off all day on food, from salads to peanuts to chicken salad, I had promised myself to be meatless today but I failed, those steroids make me starve even when I am full.

I cleaned up the kitchen so I could mess it up, I canned five more quarts of pinto beans today. This time I followed the advice of my friends from the canning group I am in, make them soupy and they wont be dry and starchy.


Besides a green house I am thinking about a root cellar. I need somewhere to store my canned foods in a cool dark place. I do have a basement at the old home place I guess I could store food there but its so far from me that I may not get the best benefit from that situation.

I walked the dogs for twenty minutes, that is all I could handle today, its strange how the lack of regular exercise that the body was used to getting daily can make it hurt by not getting it. I have not had that type of muscle pain since I quit this one waitressing job, I told my dad my arms was hurting bad and he told me that was working pains, that I needed to work again and it would stop. I was sixteen that time, I never knew, but he was right. Tomorrow I will try for the normal thirty minutes.

I finally had time to strip the spare bedroom bed and wash the comforter and sheets, now they are fresh I may nap in there 🙂

I have one more blog to update this evening and I will do a little more chatting at my lot.

That was my day off.

Vikings will be coming back on T.V. Feb. 18th. Today is a marathon, Tony has been busy watching.

How was you day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry