Two Years Ago – Life In Photos

I was looking for inspiration of what to write about this morning, since I am sure many are tired of hearing about all the dirty rentals I am redoing.

So I decided to do a what was in the photos two years ago. Two years ago I was still writing for bubblews and I often used my ow photographs as I do now, so lets take a look now.


FISH! Fish was it. The guys went fishing and had an awesome time catching fresh water fish called “Crappie” and this is one of my favorite fresh water fishes.


After a few was cleaned I then cooked them up with waffle fries and cole slaw.


Well…. okay I was working on a rental house. I had to have this done because it was becoming a huge pain in my backside. I had two of the rental houses on one water line, I bought them like this and after years of people not paying the bill and I had to pay it I bit the bullet, so to speak, and I forked out five hundred and fifty dollars to have a new water meter installed, but I still had to get the pipe in from the meter to the house. I helped dig this ditch with two men. One man wanted me to slow down to drag out this job but since I was paying him I worked harder than he did. But it got done and I got big muscles 🙂


I snapped a few photos of all the beautiful blooming trees on my way to work that day. This is a Bradford pear tree in full bloom, these are male pear trees and they do not bear fruit but are necessary to have, to make fruit on the female trees.

What happened in your world two years ago? Can you look back and see?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

Photographs And Art ( of photos and art)

I have read many different opinions on how to use photos and personal art online with my articles. I do agree with some people but I have to disagree with others.

I do use the same photo many times but only when the article I am writing calls for an expression on my part and I have the perfect art or photo that is exactly how the article should be taken.

Other times when I find that the article is neutral I made a photo of my name and that is it.


When I am talking about new occurrences and the photo is exactly what is happening at that moment then I have that brand new photo for that article.

Maybe I am working on my house and its taking a month, I will post that photo on that article because its about this house.

Now what I am wondering is am I using photos and art wrong.

This is my art:


This one is about having a bad day or bad life and is expression that the day has blown my mind but not in a good way.

This one is about not having a voice and sticks and stones being thrown.


This one is my funny art, About Mars and the aliens.


This one is the bottle tree, I had a dream of three houses and a bottle tree and I painted it. A while later I was across the state at a cousins house and there was my dream, three exact homes and she had a bottle tree in her yard, spooky right?

Photographs of mine:


This one is an actual pill but its a big giant fake pill Tony got in some bag from Walgreens. I use this one often when I talk about medications or doctors.


This sky I use all the time, not really for any certain articles.


I use this money photo when I am talking about money.


I use this one when I talk about coupons.

Now is the big question, do you read an article if it has the same photo or art on the heading? And do you add the photo or art before or after you talk about the subject in the photo or the art?

By Andria Perry
Photos and art by Andria Perry

Saturday – Free?

Wow! I cannot believe that I got a Saturday off from work! I did it though.

Well, I did make a few phone calls to a couple tenants but that is all and it was a have to not a want to.

Then we went for a ride. We did end up in the old neighborhood but it was not for work, just a ride through. The old nosy man came out and put his two cents in, told me to forget about this and that, he knows what is what because its been like that since before he was born, I don`t know if he got this but I said” thats antique now !” But those words was enough to get my hairs up on my back (meow) and I will make that call on Monday.

I rode by and checked out my old home place, looks the same and that is lonesome, the flowers are coming up all over the yard.

Then we just got on the back roads and rode around, looking at all the tree`s in full bloom. The red buds that are actually purple and the red blooming tree`s that I don`t know the name of because I always called those red buds 🙂 Many, many tulip tree`s are in full bloom, I have seen pink and a deep pinkish purple so far. Camilla`s are also a late winter early spring bloomer. Daffodils are everywhere in full bloom!

We ended up in a little town north west of Anniston and we had Chinese food for dinner. I swear I cannot eat as much as I want, one plate was all I could hold this time and it was so good. I reckon thats a good thing since I am supposed to lose weight. I was good and stayed away from the rice and noodles 🙂

Next I went to Walmart in Oxford, I have been out of ink for the printer for a month. I bought it today. I need the ink. I have been hand writing the evictions, well everything!

At home I had plenty of daylight left to play with and walk the dogs. They love their me time with me 🙂

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Spring In February

Here in central Alabama we are getting a taste of warmth and spring, I reckon you could call us the deep south but when I think of the deep south I am thinking about Mobile Alabama or the Keys of Florida.


There are a few flowers that always come up and pop out when spring is getting close and all around my deck I see them, Daffodils. No matter where I live I always take a clump of daffodil bulbs with me. Its a comfort flower 🙂

Daffodils come in many colors now but I still will call the plain yellow my favorite by far, daffodils seem to love it wherever you put them. And its common to be riding on a road and see them growing and blooming next to the edge. Or you look on the side of a mountain and there under the trees are a patch of daffodils, smiling down at you.


Another indication that Spring is near is when the yellow bell bushed are blooming. You will see naked branches strong and proud laced with tiny yellow flowers that resembles bells.

Yellow bell bushes are easy to root, just cut a ling branch and stick it into the dirt, and that is it. Soon you will see new leaves and you will have a bush developing. This is another must have for me, so each time I move I take a few branches with me so that I will always have a beautiful yellow bell bush to welcome spring.


Least but not last is the old hated Dandelion, well they are not hated my me at all. I will see a few scattered about the grass with their brilliant yellow flowers, here they have a mixed colored leaf but as the warmth continues they will turn bright green.

There are many uses for the dandelion and you can eat the flower and leaves, even harvest the roots for tea. I have yet to try the dandelion plant except a few leaves harvested here and there.

What do you see as a sign of Spring?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry