I Quit For 30 Days And Six Months

Back when I first began to use coupons I went to walmart and I also priced matched or some call it ad match. Then when many others began doing the same thing as I was they got stricter with their policy, after all we { the coupon people, money savers) were cleaning out products because we got them all free. But seriously it was no skin off their back because the manufacturer was giving them every cent back in cash.

But the problem was not with me shopping there with coupons but because I was there other things got bought, that is actually why they added the grocery section in the first place.

I did the 30 day cold turkey quit going to walmart to shop. I shopped at all the other stores.

Do you want to know what I discovered?

I discovered that the other stores were cheaper and with better quality of goods. I actually got more free food at Publix and Winn Dixie because they doubled the coupons, which made up for the price being a little higher. Clothing was cheaper at the ” Mall!” Store like Sears and old Navy.

I do go to Walmart now but I just had to stop and see if there was a difference. The best thing I can say about Walmart is that they are open 24/7 and sometimes I do need something at 2 am.


I have always worn makeup but I have never felt like I had to wear it. I am comfortable in my own skin.

But last year I had allergies so bad that it hurt my eyes to wear mascara and why use base makeup when you are blowing your nose often?

Before I knew it six months had passed and I had not worn makeup!

I was treated no differently than the painted up ladies by men or women, well… a few women snubbed their noses up at me because I guess I was not made up, or some said because of jealousy but naa, I think they were just snobs.

Have you even broke an addiction cold turkey? For whatever reason.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

My Minimal Hoarding Life

As of today I will be posting my non profit blog at Blogger on Blogjob. So I will do a quick update about what I mean when I say minimal, minimalist and hoarding.

I think everyone has hoarding tendencies but its to what extent that it becomes a problem, when you cannot walk in your home or you are buying the same product you have but you just cannot find it or don`t want to “dig” for it.

For the most part of my life I have always been a minimalist because I grew up with my dad and he somewhat hoarded things, but they were neat and clean things, but none the less to many things.

Next was owning a business, that meant “keeping junk” around for the next job, materials for roofing and not shingle roof but hot tar and gravel.

But I still tried to apply this ” minimalism” to my own home. I failed and got to much stuff and no closets for it to live in.

In 2009 I got rid of over half of my so called life when I moved. When the next move came two years later I gave away another half of what I had. With each move I was just tired of “stuff” I did not use.

Then came an inheritance last year and that was a near disaster because I loved this old lady and she did have nice stuff. But in the end, I did sell most of it and only kept what I could use, I gave so much away to needy people.

Today? I am maintaining my home and keeping it clean. That is another part of minimalism, keeping the home clean.

And that is where I am now, although I am not buying stuff, I will be replacing old stuff that is no longer energy efficient , getting rid of clothes that are to big and buying my size.

Being a minimalist is a struggle in this world of shopping, buying and owning.

Here is a look back at what I think and how I am managing a minimal hoarding life.


By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry