Writing Is Never Ending – The Old And The New

As we all know the writing sites come and go, for some its a short life and others ” long live the site” till the advertisers get tired of that one and also move onto the next “NEW” writing site.

Some are just out to collect a few months pay and then they close up and do not pay anyone, the scam artist. Then you come across a nice and friendly site and its gets hacked ( we know who that is, here!) and it stays open but cannot pay anyone at the moment.

Next is the site that wants it ran as a magazine with boring ” how to” and ” the benefits of” OR what you already sen on the news, every channel, till you do not even read the text book posts and move on to another site.

Most are looking for “someone” with real thoughts and awesome explanations for the thing we call daily life. Whether some think your lifestyle is strange or not, we want to read about it! I was turned onto a new writing site and its just what I have been looking for… a mix of life, however you want it.

Take a look for yourself, I am leaving a few links to some of my articles and you can judge for yourself. The place is called Niume and it has spheres, or if you like categories. I write in the food, of course, and lifestyle of the most part and I love the photography, I am also a wanna be photographer. Want to join? click the referral link :


Now what do I write on this new site that is called Niume? This is my last article about signs and illusions.


Now are you into Pizza? This is my very first article, although its a how to, its how to make something delicious!


I even went as far as to write about small claims court after I heard someone begging the clerks office for information.


Whatever your into, you can find an article to read, maybe you can identify with the people whether its learning more of how to do this or that, and in the first person, or you are sharing an awesome photo, its worth checking out.

Seems the only way to view the sites is to copy and paste the links into your browser, sorry 🙁 , regardless maybe I will see you around 🙂

By Andria Perry
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The Monsanto People – Other Streets

The Monsanto People – Other Streets

Out by the church on the corner of West C street and Deyo street there is a Vet that lives there, not an animal vet but a war vet, he is often seen taking food out to stray animals and someone brought him a couple dogs that often bark when anyone walks passed, Many people do walk in the neighborhood, You can speak to this vet but he will just stare at you as he sits and drinks his beer, sometimes he is weird and brings out all his guns and cleaning them while sitting on the front stoop.

The house across the street from the church and the vet is a rental house, people move in and out all the time, seems the lady cant get a break and all that comes and goes from this place is trouble, The new one is a woman with some kind of disability, maybe mental and physical, she is skinny but she used to be so big that they gave her the lap ban. He son is wild and he brings home gangs of young people and they seem to stay. Reckon that is why the landlady was over there hanging out eviction notices last month, thy did not like getting those and was ripping them up in anger.

Go down the big hill and start up the next and thats another of the rentals that one lady owns. Its a big house but all that lives there are two old crazy ladies. People know something is wrong with them by their appearance, not to mention that the younger one is always talking to herself. They have lived there a long time and for the most part nobody bothers then or cares what they do.

On the other side of the road is a big house although its on Newborn street people still notice it from Deyo . The houses sort of zigzag and are not lines up so one can look at the other. But Newborn street is yet another world.

The next house up is a old lady that has lived in that house off and on for over 35 years, he husband died and she shacks up with this older Mexican guy, he is nice and much to quiet, Her mentally retarded son lives with them, although he is retard he is functional and drives and such, his father make sure he could. Usually there is always some kind of noise and fighting going on over there because the son doesn`t get his way, they moved for a few months but came back and they are way, way to quiet, so something has happened.

To be continued ……

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

The Monsanto People

The Monsanto People

August 31,2016

No they do not glow, well maybe after dark but I stay away after dark. The neighborhood is nothing but a shell of what it once was, now about the only people who are still there are the Monsanto people.

Round about Mountain View there are many new people, moving in and out of the middle to lower class homes, some are worthless and needs torn down and others are worth $75,000 because of the up keep of the owners that are now renting them out, trying to recover some money they spent on them many years ago.

Around the intersection of West D and Mountain View is where the action was, when I say action I mean the noise of the day.

The corner house is now being occupied by the baby of the owner and one of the older sons, they had rented it out for years but I reckon they needed a home so Mom and Dad let them be there. She is a talker, a loud talker, especially on the phone. The echo off the metal awning that surrounds the front porch makes it sound like she is right beside you, she was gone for the morning but although her car makes no noise you do know when she is home.

The next house down West D was quiet till after five pm and then you could hear a little talking when a set of the skinny Monsanto people came by, they were tossed out by her drunk shack up, Then the wonderful smells came rushing out, its dinner time.

One more house down, was hammering and banging because of the man on the roof, sometimes the radio was loud and oozing from that house and that lady coming in and out to the front porch, wearing a face mask, she must be cleaning, plus she is filling the trash can. The skinny Monsanto people went down to their house when the man came down the ladder, they were hungry but would not ask for food but gave hints, the woman went and bought them burgers and fries and a coke each, the man let them sleep in the shed if they wanted to, there is a mattress there.

Around the curve its Francis street, only a couple houses left up on top the hill, the road is bad with holes and not a good place to drive a nice car. Francis street runs into West C, all was quiet till you got to Deyo street and its another world, just one block over.

To be continued:

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

The House Hates Them

The House Hated Them

Being a landlady I see and hear so many things that totally blow my mind, sometimes daily, sometimes I can go for a year but lately I got a new one ” The house hates us!”

I have this woman with three grown children, one is sick with a crippling disease and another is retarded and has to have full time care, a wonderful and kind family. I adore them.

I often rent out a smaller house and when that tenant see`s a large house is available they ask to more, sometimes I allow it and this is one of those cases when I said yes.

First thing that happened was a dish company said there is no signal at this house, the only one in the neighborhood, I find this odd.

Next usual water leaks, I mean somethings happen and that is normal but not like this.

Tree limbs began to fall, big limbs. Once again this is normal but I have never seen this many.

They have a hard time keeping the lawn mowed.

I was traveling a couple days ago from one small town back to Anniston, this is in Alabama, and I seen the tenant standing outside of her employment smoking so I stopped. She told me that there is a spot in the floor, like the floor is rising.

Of coarse I was disappointed to hear this! Trying not to be mean I said ” Ya know I never had any problems with this house till you moved in, seriously.”

She told me ” That house hates us.”

This is a first for me, its a nice cottage style house with hard wood floors and an attic made into two extra bedrooms. If I were to move into one of the rental houses it would be this one, plus its on a double size lot with a fence surrounding it.

I know I made a face when I said ” really?”

She was serious when she said ” Oh yeah.”

I have not had time to go up and check that floor because of the other house having roof repairs, a huge that had to be replaced and I could not leave it.

I have to think about this, a house that hates people.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Please Accept My Apology

Please Accept My Apology

I would like to say I am sorry to all of those who used my link to join Blogbourne, I was under the impression that it was a blogging community, especially when in the name it reads ” BlogBourne, share your world.”

I am sorry to anyone that was told they were not good enough to write on this site.

I also was notified about the update of the terms of service that is in the forum. I did not notice this because I do not visit this form often because I do not have time, But that was my fault.

One week I had four blog posts that were in the top ten for the most views, so I was told by the staff, and that meant one thing ” VIEWS’ and that equals money for th site.

The next week, after a misunderstanding, I am told my articles are not good enough, to personal. But I am a personal blogger, not a professional writer.

This morning after I did write a personal article I was contacted and asked to remove it, no problem I did, Actually it was meant for this blogging site, my Bad!

So I asked the owner of the site “well, what is allowed?” And he told me that my recipes and off the grid was good enough. He added ” You have been walking a fine line because of the personal stuff and actually many people are upset that I am writing and they are not allowed. This made me sad, to the point of tears.

That got me to thinking today while I was at work, ALL of my articles are personal, those are MY recipes and off the grid is MY journey. My journey is the same as a daily diary is it not?!


Instead of writing at Blogbourne, because I am a personal blogger and not an information writer, I will no longer write on the site. I do not want to hurt anyones feelings and I most certainly do not want anyone thinking I am better than they are. ALL writers are special people, we are special because we share a piece of ourselves with the world.

I removed all my articles that are ” a personal blogger” articles.

Please accept my apology.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

When You Are Denied To Be You

When You Are Denied To Be You

Of late I have noticed that people are putting other people into categories, The yes, the okay and the you have to go.


Some have seen it more than others on T.V. because of the President race here in the USA, its called the rich, middle class and poor.

From where I stand I am middle class and I want you to know what it feels like to be in this category, I am NOT saying that anyone one group is better than the other. I cannot pretend to be rich and I am closer to poor.

The rich are the people who make a lot of money each year, some own large businesses or have stock in large companies. Usually they get a nice tax break or for some reason pay lower taxes than the middle class. I know many rich people and I adore them.

The middle class is the live payday to payday class. We work our fingers raw and we are hit with huge bills, higher taxes and use coupons to buy food to make it to the next month. We cant pay for some things because its to expensive and we make to much to get government help.

The poor people have it rough too, especially the elderly that live on a social security check and the disabled that live on that same amount. But the seniors have to pay for a lot of medication and part of their health insurance, where disabled people get free insurance and most medication is around $1.30 each ( I have family that is disabled) Most receive food stamps that helps out with food but its never enough to make it for a whole month. The poor/elderly do not have to pay income taxes.


Now when you are told you are not good enough to write, here or there.

I am a personal blogger, I can write! I have a couple books that will be published one day, if its Gods will. No I am not perfect, nor do I try to be.

I will say that I keep my best at home because I can and I will make money one day through a publishing company so I refuse to let it out on the blogging sites. I blog about my life and I enjoy it.

I also love to read others that Blog about their interest and life, there is something about bonding with people through blogs and personal struggles.

Learning new ways to do things free at home and new remedies.

Life blogging does not always have to be about ” how to do this or that” that gets boring fast. But of you make me cry with a story of your own life, you have won me as a reader forever!

For those who have been told you`re not good enough, YOU ARE!

Write on!

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

Questioning Faith

Life has twists and turns, after all if it didn`t then life would be boring.


There are times that Faith is confusing. I have faith in God that he will heal me, or I will die because its simply my time to go to my heavenly father. I do accept this.


There is also that saying ” All people meet each other one way or another for a reason” unknown to us but known by God.

So do I live by what a doctor is telling me to do or do I wait for God to heal me?

Did God send this man to be my doctor and heal me with the knowledge that he gave him?

This year I have been told by a couple of doctors that I am sick, most of the time I feel fine and I am not sick. But these doctors tell me I am weak and frail, I am not weak nor frail. I am healthy and I am strong, I have more muscles than most men I know, I can outwork most men I know. I just cannot grasp for one second that I am sick.

Oh I know sick! I beat cancer. I know how terrible I felt when I was sick, how I had no strength and no power to get up and move. And no doctor had to tell me I was sick, I just knew it. I got the cancer out and I have not been sick since.

Today I was told I have a weak heart, my ticker?! I do not swell nor have shortness of breath, I am not weak nor am I tired. I have NO symptoms of this condition.

But he said …. You`re sick but you do not have high blood pressure and no symptoms.

I walk daily, sometimes I run, walk and then run.

I work more hours that are in a day most of the time, I sleep 7 or 8 hours and I get up and I go again. I don`t spend much time on the computer sitting.

I lift heavy weight.

I mow grass for hours in the hot sun with a push mower.

I tend a garden, sometimes I use the shovel or hoe.

My entire life I have had normal to low blood pressure, same with the heart rate. So how can I be weak and frail with this bad heart, if I am not? I do not hurt, I have no heart pain.

Now do I put my faith in a man God sent to me to tell me ” hey you`re sick” OR do I let it go and just let God guide me to a 100% complete healing? ( If I need one)

Photo By Andria Perry
By Andria Perry

Just Say No?

Tuesday May 10, 2016

Its was a weird day with many things to do outside of my home.

I had planned on the calender to take someone to the dentist.

I needed to paint the interior of a house.

Tony needed a ride to get parts for his truck.

I needed to deliver trash to the can.

I needed to deliver food to someone in need.

I did the trash drop off first, only to find they did not pick up last weeks trash!

I went to give this man food and then I went to my sisters to call the trash company while tony went for the numbers on those parts he needed.

I called and got the trash pick up set to be got within forty eight hours. Chatted with my sister till I had to go take the lady to the dentist.

I gathered everyone in the car and off to get things done, for them. I dropped off the ladies first but I walked in to find out how long they would be and the lady handed my lady a clip board with what they needed to know but she said ” Honey I cant read or write.” The receptionist said” did you bring someone with you that can?” and they looked at me. I held my hands up and said ” I don`t know their stuff.” not wanting to get SUCKED into their business. The receptionist said” she can just tell you.” I said ” sorry I am just the driver, how long?” and she snapped at me with thirty minutes. I was out of that place running! I knew it would be an hour since she had to ask her ALL those questions.

I went to several places to get Tony`s quotes of prices for parts and then the hour was up and I went back to get the ladies, then run by the bank so Tony could get his money for those parts.

One of the ladies said ” lets go get us a buffet.” I said ” can`t I got stuff to do and only an hour to get it done.” She continued by saying she was so hungry and Tony just told her you`ll be home in a few minutes, and that was true. Then about five minutes she said ” I wished you had time to stop by the grocery store so I could get milk.” I knew what she was doing, trying to make me late so I could do for her so I said this, ” You cannot manipulate me by making me feel guilty so I will drop what I HAVE to do today and do for you, I told you two that I could take you but I have things to do also, I cannot go out to eat and then take you shopping again this week.” I already know they have plenty of food, enough for a month because I took them shopping last week.

I dropped them off and we did get the money and back before the dealership service department closed, got the order in and then went to the parts house and got those parts.

We went by to leave the parts with the mechanic but he was gone. While walking at my sisters back door a snake laid there, barely missing the neighbors dog, Tony killed it with a shovel after it tried to bite him. We think it was a rattle snake but had lost his rattles, he had a bunt tail and not pointed.

I did not get to work and now its after four pm, so me and Tony stopped in to see this elderly lady that we love dearly, we sat and talked with her for over an hour. Tomorrow I will take her some candied pears and other home canned goodies. She is 89 years old.

How was that for a nice calm Tuesday?

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

People, People And More People

Learning to trust people can be hard and when you are in business for yourself you have to let go of everything that tells you to keep that wall up and let people in. Sooner or later you`ll learn to rad people, some still fool you and other will be as they appear.

First I has another no show to look at the empty rental house.

The clinics here are so hard to get in touch with to get test results, even after they call and you miss that call and are told to call back. They just refuse to answer the phone. Tony does not understand that I cannot do some thing due to the laws and one is run in the doctors office and pick up test results. The receptionist gave him a hard time so he signed in and told her that he will be back in a few hours by that time you should call me! Next time, a few hours later, I went in with him and I went to the bathroom while he stood in line, When I came out he told me that the receptionist said it`ll be $1.00 per page, I said “What? why are they charging you? That is crazy.” Then the lady, nurse, we needed in the first place came out and said ” I told you to call me, I left a message.” Tony said ” I did but NO one ever answers the phone, I have called three days in a row.” She GAVE him a copy and is always nice, no matter how rude people are she is nice anyways, And we were on our way. I have no idea what the problem is with that receptionist, she was not the usual.

Next I drove my sister to pay off the burial plots, we are now covered as far as a slice of land to be planted in. I have a couple more to buy and I have those on reserve and I will pay those off by the month. This lady is the nicest person I have met in so long and you can tell that its the way she acts all the time.

I have another tenant and I sen her at her workplace and you can tell she is always nice because she has never changed since day one that I met her at her job or renting to her.

How about you? can you spot a fake? Do people disappoint you?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Blog Smash Up – A Little Of Everything

The Grid:

First I want to say that five rows of corn was planted today, it began to rain so the last row of seeds was not put in the ground. Nor did the pumpkin seed make it into the dirt 🙁

Not one blade of grass was mowed because I chose not to mow till evening without watching the weather.

The dogs loved their short run/ walk and drag Angie all over the place. Then have the nerve to try and steal extra treats while I was fetching fresh water.


American Dream :

It was a quite morning with few calls coming in, none for me.

In my head I have made plans to work on the old home place, just get started pulling out old worn sheet rock and filling the empty trash can, that I am paying for by the month.

I want to fix my old home so if I wanna just chill for a while there I can or I can stay a week, whatever but it need all the repairs done first.

Around seven om the phone rang and I did not know this number but I answered and it was someone know is interested in the last empty rental I have, I took an application and will show it tomorrow.


Never Pay Full Price :

I went to walgreens for the diet Pepsi that is on sale three for eight dollars and the angel soft toilet paper that is three forty nine but with coupons I only paid one dollar and ninety nine cents 🙂

Dog food from walmart, thirty one pounds for eighteen dollars, minus the five dollar coupon and kibble n bits for only thirteen dollars.


Serious Or Not :

While blogjob was down I went to mylot and chatted about with some of those ladies and gentlemen. I did not learn anything new.

Tony talked to the American Indian nation about quitting smoking, when the doctor says he can wear the patches they will give them to him to stop smoking. Yay me! I will go into withdrawls from inhaling second hand smoke for ten years.


Food For Everyone :

I can say that for days and days I have been eating foods that are bad for me, sugar free ice cream is one and I can say this without shame, do not eat this ice cream unless you want serve gas that will make your best friend, the dog, run away from you 🙂


Making it Matter :

Yes I loaded the car with cardboard and paper and unloaded it at the local recycle bin.

I have managed to keep the house neat and I have washed both clothes and dishes till I am sick of all of them.

I filed coupons today and spent a few.


Well that wraps up my day, it was kind of boring, I liked it like that 🙂

This will be my last day off till….. who knows.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry