Writing Is Never Ending – The Old And The New

As we all know the writing sites come and go, for some its a short life and others ” long live the site” till the advertisers get tired of that one and also move onto the next “NEW” writing site.

Some are just out to collect a few months pay and then they close up and do not pay anyone, the scam artist. Then you come across a nice and friendly site and its gets hacked ( we know who that is, here!) and it stays open but cannot pay anyone at the moment.

Next is the site that wants it ran as a magazine with boring ” how to” and ” the benefits of” OR what you already sen on the news, every channel, till you do not even read the text book posts and move on to another site.

Most are looking for “someone” with real thoughts and awesome explanations for the thing we call daily life. Whether some think your lifestyle is strange or not, we want to read about it! I was turned onto a new writing site and its just what I have been looking for… a mix of life, however you want it.

Take a look for yourself, I am leaving a few links to some of my articles and you can judge for yourself. The place is called Niume and it has spheres, or if you like categories. I write in the food, of course, and lifestyle of the most part and I love the photography, I am also a wanna be photographer. Want to join? click the referral link :


Now what do I write on this new site that is called Niume? This is my last article about signs and illusions.


Now are you into Pizza? This is my very first article, although its a how to, its how to make something delicious!


I even went as far as to write about small claims court after I heard someone begging the clerks office for information.


Whatever your into, you can find an article to read, maybe you can identify with the people whether its learning more of how to do this or that, and in the first person, or you are sharing an awesome photo, its worth checking out.

Seems the only way to view the sites is to copy and paste the links into your browser, sorry 🙁 , regardless maybe I will see you around 🙂

By Andria Perry
ALL photos and articles by Andria Perry

28 thoughts on “Writing Is Never Ending – The Old And The New”

    1. I know what you mean but its nothing like blogbourne, This one reminds me of here. I am sure it works off views from people and SEO but I can post just a photo and add 5 lines of text and its accepted. I am sure you would fit in better at this site. In one week I have had 2,000 views but I did post 18 articles and /or photos.

      What have you got to lose?

      1. I’ve had a quick look around the site. I just want to do a bit more reading, but I’ll probably join it. The fact that they only require 5 lines of content is a big plus, though in certain circumstances the need for a photo could be a problem.

          1. I’ve already joined under your referral. I just haven’t had time to write anything yet. Hopefully I’ll come up with a suitable idea soon.

            I try to stay away from photos I didn’t take myself, but I guess there may be times when it’s necessary to use them. I’m just always wary of free sites, because sometimes they give away stolen content.

          1. I’ll try photography when I have the time, but I’ve already written a post about something else. Now I just have to figure out what photo I can use with it.

          2. Just a quick update – I’ve published my first post. I hope my sign-up was correct because I really do want you to get credit for referring me. I’d never have heard of Niume without you.

  1. I am there as well although I heard something bad about it in the other site. Well, I just try and I think I will post more of my photos there than writing a blog.

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