The Monsanto People

The Monsanto People

August 31,2016

No they do not glow, well maybe after dark but I stay away after dark. The neighborhood is nothing but a shell of what it once was, now about the only people who are still there are the Monsanto people.

Round about Mountain View there are many new people, moving in and out of the middle to lower class homes, some are worthless and needs torn down and others are worth $75,000 because of the up keep of the owners that are now renting them out, trying to recover some money they spent on them many years ago.

Around the intersection of West D and Mountain View is where the action was, when I say action I mean the noise of the day.

The corner house is now being occupied by the baby of the owner and one of the older sons, they had rented it out for years but I reckon they needed a home so Mom and Dad let them be there. She is a talker, a loud talker, especially on the phone. The echo off the metal awning that surrounds the front porch makes it sound like she is right beside you, she was gone for the morning but although her car makes no noise you do know when she is home.

The next house down West D was quiet till after five pm and then you could hear a little talking when a set of the skinny Monsanto people came by, they were tossed out by her drunk shack up, Then the wonderful smells came rushing out, its dinner time.

One more house down, was hammering and banging because of the man on the roof, sometimes the radio was loud and oozing from that house and that lady coming in and out to the front porch, wearing a face mask, she must be cleaning, plus she is filling the trash can. The skinny Monsanto people went down to their house when the man came down the ladder, they were hungry but would not ask for food but gave hints, the woman went and bought them burgers and fries and a coke each, the man let them sleep in the shed if they wanted to, there is a mattress there.

Around the curve its Francis street, only a couple houses left up on top the hill, the road is bad with holes and not a good place to drive a nice car. Francis street runs into West C, all was quiet till you got to Deyo street and its another world, just one block over.

To be continued:

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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