Please Accept My Apology

Please Accept My Apology

I would like to say I am sorry to all of those who used my link to join Blogbourne, I was under the impression that it was a blogging community, especially when in the name it reads ” BlogBourne, share your world.”

I am sorry to anyone that was told they were not good enough to write on this site.

I also was notified about the update of the terms of service that is in the forum. I did not notice this because I do not visit this form often because I do not have time, But that was my fault.

One week I had four blog posts that were in the top ten for the most views, so I was told by the staff, and that meant one thing ” VIEWS’ and that equals money for th site.

The next week, after a misunderstanding, I am told my articles are not good enough, to personal. But I am a personal blogger, not a professional writer.

This morning after I did write a personal article I was contacted and asked to remove it, no problem I did, Actually it was meant for this blogging site, my Bad!

So I asked the owner of the site “well, what is allowed?” And he told me that my recipes and off the grid was good enough. He added ” You have been walking a fine line because of the personal stuff and actually many people are upset that I am writing and they are not allowed. This made me sad, to the point of tears.

That got me to thinking today while I was at work, ALL of my articles are personal, those are MY recipes and off the grid is MY journey. My journey is the same as a daily diary is it not?!


Instead of writing at Blogbourne, because I am a personal blogger and not an information writer, I will no longer write on the site. I do not want to hurt anyones feelings and I most certainly do not want anyone thinking I am better than they are. ALL writers are special people, we are special because we share a piece of ourselves with the world.

I removed all my articles that are ” a personal blogger” articles.

Please accept my apology.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

36 thoughts on “Please Accept My Apology”

  1. Sounds like my stuff won’t fly either. As I do believe we have similar writing styles. All of it is written with personal experience and personal photos. I am glad I kept my blog and did not stop blogging. I am not sure exactly BlogBourne wants as articles.

      1. I believe in helping others learn. Even if it means their blogs later on will surpass mine. Not everyone can afford to pay for bells and whistles to add to their blogs or can afford to pay for hosting.

    1. Me too but as it seems it HAS to be something researched or My own recipes, something that you really would write for a magazine but not for the pay a magazine would pay per article.

      Most people wont give that when its unclear about how much each article will earn.

  2. Sorry you are having these issues. That is why I don’t write on blogbourne much. I have to think of an “article” to write not a blog.

    What constitutes a “blog” is clearly not the same as it used to be.

    I wish I had enough startup capital and web know how to launch my own community that would welcome personal writers.

    1. Me too, it would be nice to have a site for people who like to just read and can relate, After all I can google and read Magazine type articles all day long, or for that matter have a subscription of a poplar magazine with only what I am interesting in and no bull from people.

      No trouble, I can walk away. I just feel sorry for those who make a living writing and having to put up with all that stress the staff dishes out, and for pennies, not dollars per article.

    1. Drama seems to follow one of the staff member everywhere! I do not have time for all that. I write because I enjoy writing, if I earn money that is just the icing on the cake.

  3. I got that on one post too. I even already had comments on it when they moved it to the draft folder. Rearranged it a little and they took it.But that is why I cut back on how much writing I was doing there. Been thinking about just getting the ones here going again as they will pay me a teeny bit through ad sense. I think that is why there is hardly any new posts when I stop in there. I can guess which one of yours was even removed as I read it and wondered if they would as it was similar to the way I wrote mine that they stopped.

    1. Well it will be their loss in the long run @wolfgirl569 , most people are not going to wrote and not know what they are going to get paid! A months work may be $1.00, who knows cause they sure wont tell anyone.

      you know you can set up a blogger/ blogspot, its free and if you got adsense it will pay. I will post here and on my own blogs.

      1. I use Blogger also known as Blogspot to host my niche blog using adsense to earn. It is pennies but those pennies add up. One day I wish to earn enough off my writing to have webs hosting my own blog.

      2. @andriaperry I have an account there and usually share what I write to it.Just it is easier to keep these going compared to moving everything and then if this site gets going again moving some things back here. I just wish I could find a site I like for my smaller posts too. That was one of the things I liked at blogbourne when it first started was the low word count. Meant I could still get a quick one up when I was tired. They also started out saying that the pay rate would be posted this month but subject to change according to ad rates. Now they are saying they can not post as they never know. That makes me wonder about getting paid at all. Which is supposed to start next month the last I read on it. But that has probably changed too.

  4. I published an introductory post before they changed the rules, but haven’t done anything since. Once they changed the rules I didn’t feel like it was the right place for me.

    1. I know they keep changing, but I reckon the owner will see that there is only so much that people search for, most people are social and want to hear how people live and do.

      1. When I visit that site I only look to see if there’s anything interesting on the front page. If I’m looking for information I go to Google or HubPages. I doubt that BlogBourne will ever replace either of those for me or for most other people.

  5. I was going down the line looking at members and many of them haven’t posted anything yet (after a month) or haven’t been active for weeks already. I think maybe they are waiting to see how much people earn. I hope we can find out.

    My chief complaint is I really don’t like the 400 word minimum. I think that is way too much for a “blog post”.

    1. I HAD 53 articles but after a misunderstanding with a staff member in a facebook group, I was … well I left. I do not need that stress over pennies. I do not expect to be paid.

    2. The 400 word minimum was one of my objections. The other was the wait for posts to be approved. I wanted to use BlogBourne for things like the sports reports I used to write at Bubblews, and the wait for approval would mean they were no longer topical.

        1. My most successful post ever at Bubblews was a sport post, explaining why my cricket team were wearing pink (for breast cancer awareness). A game lasts seven hours, so there was plenty of time for people to be interested, but by the time the game was over the traffic had virtually stopped. I got over 2000 views on that post, but I’d have got very few if it was only approved a few hours later.

  6. I haven’t done anything there either, and removed all my posts. I live in a free world, and can’t function under dictatorship.

    The direction that this is heading is only doomed!

      1. The SEO friendly articles that are being imposed on people are old method, belonged to the last decade. Google are not ranking websites these past 3-4 years. They deemed those that only geared toward SEO are un-organic and not original. I saw the SAME CALLING for SEO friendly on every new sites that pop up online!!!!

        People should have the freedom to write what they want to write, and that flows naturally for them and that is more enjoyable for readers too. If it happens to hit search engines, then that is great! If not, so what?

        We don’t wear the same uniform everyday, do we?

  7. No need for hurt feelings. If advertisers are telling him they’ll pay for articles rather than blog posts, everybody should of course stop blogging there and wait to get the kind of payments that are appropriate for articles rather than blog posts. Just don’t give in to the lowballing advertisers. No research without payment. No more than one web page opened per dollar received.

    That’s why I’ve not posted anything at Blogbourne yet. I hope they can make it pay writers, but I’m not giving them anything free.

    I’m not happy with the fact that advertisers are still running paid ads on my Blogjob posts while Blogjob still owes me $80+, either.

    1. When the owner told me that people said it was not fair that I posted and they could not, I quit. Although he told me WHAT blogs he wanted me to keep there because I had plenty of views. Nope , its all or none for me.

      If I am going to post “articles” I want to be paid for those, so much each.

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