The House Hates Them

The House Hated Them

Being a landlady I see and hear so many things that totally blow my mind, sometimes daily, sometimes I can go for a year but lately I got a new one ” The house hates us!”

I have this woman with three grown children, one is sick with a crippling disease and another is retarded and has to have full time care, a wonderful and kind family. I adore them.

I often rent out a smaller house and when that tenant see`s a large house is available they ask to more, sometimes I allow it and this is one of those cases when I said yes.

First thing that happened was a dish company said there is no signal at this house, the only one in the neighborhood, I find this odd.

Next usual water leaks, I mean somethings happen and that is normal but not like this.

Tree limbs began to fall, big limbs. Once again this is normal but I have never seen this many.

They have a hard time keeping the lawn mowed.

I was traveling a couple days ago from one small town back to Anniston, this is in Alabama, and I seen the tenant standing outside of her employment smoking so I stopped. She told me that there is a spot in the floor, like the floor is rising.

Of coarse I was disappointed to hear this! Trying not to be mean I said ” Ya know I never had any problems with this house till you moved in, seriously.”

She told me ” That house hates us.”

This is a first for me, its a nice cottage style house with hard wood floors and an attic made into two extra bedrooms. If I were to move into one of the rental houses it would be this one, plus its on a double size lot with a fence surrounding it.

I know I made a face when I said ” really?”

She was serious when she said ” Oh yeah.”

I have not had time to go up and check that floor because of the other house having roof repairs, a huge that had to be replaced and I could not leave it.

I have to think about this, a house that hates people.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Please Accept My Apology

Please Accept My Apology

I would like to say I am sorry to all of those who used my link to join Blogbourne, I was under the impression that it was a blogging community, especially when in the name it reads ” BlogBourne, share your world.”

I am sorry to anyone that was told they were not good enough to write on this site.

I also was notified about the update of the terms of service that is in the forum. I did not notice this because I do not visit this form often because I do not have time, But that was my fault.

One week I had four blog posts that were in the top ten for the most views, so I was told by the staff, and that meant one thing ” VIEWS’ and that equals money for th site.

The next week, after a misunderstanding, I am told my articles are not good enough, to personal. But I am a personal blogger, not a professional writer.

This morning after I did write a personal article I was contacted and asked to remove it, no problem I did, Actually it was meant for this blogging site, my Bad!

So I asked the owner of the site “well, what is allowed?” And he told me that my recipes and off the grid was good enough. He added ” You have been walking a fine line because of the personal stuff and actually many people are upset that I am writing and they are not allowed. This made me sad, to the point of tears.

That got me to thinking today while I was at work, ALL of my articles are personal, those are MY recipes and off the grid is MY journey. My journey is the same as a daily diary is it not?!


Instead of writing at Blogbourne, because I am a personal blogger and not an information writer, I will no longer write on the site. I do not want to hurt anyones feelings and I most certainly do not want anyone thinking I am better than they are. ALL writers are special people, we are special because we share a piece of ourselves with the world.

I removed all my articles that are ” a personal blogger” articles.

Please accept my apology.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Team Efforts – Getting Things Done

Team Efforts – Getting Things Done

I am a team player and I always have been, I can follow rules or I can lead if need be. There is nothing more satisfying that accomplishing a task with a team of people, whether its two or ten.

I am often stuck with doing duties that most people won`t do or they say cannot be done, for instance, mowing down a grown up field with a push mower. Yes it can be and has been don`t, their problem was the fact its hard work.

I have learned to make a list and split it with the team of workers, and myself, giving the job or task to the person that can do that job better than the next. I, for one, am excellent at painting walls, not so good at ceilings. I despise sheet rock work but will help if I have to. I can lay tile and I am good at it, I do not like laying carpet but once again I will help if need be.

Yesterday was a day of team work, its been a while since I have had any help doing anything. Paying or not.

Since I got the new (used) riding mower last week it has rained daily and I have not gotten to mow the two acres, I still have the three in one mower. The three in one mower is one mower with three mowers parts to make it one 🙂

While it was hot and nearly noon I went out to mow because the evenings have been pop up rain showers, As I was mowing I looked up and seen another mower.

I gave the thumbs up and a sign of thanks and headed out to the field, letting him mow near the house because I did not know how much he could do. After mowing one half acre I seen him go inside so I rode up to the house, My help had to quit, he could not breathe. I put the ceiling fan on and the small room fan and turned the a/c down to get it a little cooler. When he was okay, I went out and mowed the back yard for the dogs and I had to stop, leaving a half acre .

Although I told him to never do that again with his problems at the moment, I was happy to have help, working as a team.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

When You Are Denied To Be You

When You Are Denied To Be You

Of late I have noticed that people are putting other people into categories, The yes, the okay and the you have to go.


Some have seen it more than others on T.V. because of the President race here in the USA, its called the rich, middle class and poor.

From where I stand I am middle class and I want you to know what it feels like to be in this category, I am NOT saying that anyone one group is better than the other. I cannot pretend to be rich and I am closer to poor.

The rich are the people who make a lot of money each year, some own large businesses or have stock in large companies. Usually they get a nice tax break or for some reason pay lower taxes than the middle class. I know many rich people and I adore them.

The middle class is the live payday to payday class. We work our fingers raw and we are hit with huge bills, higher taxes and use coupons to buy food to make it to the next month. We cant pay for some things because its to expensive and we make to much to get government help.

The poor people have it rough too, especially the elderly that live on a social security check and the disabled that live on that same amount. But the seniors have to pay for a lot of medication and part of their health insurance, where disabled people get free insurance and most medication is around $1.30 each ( I have family that is disabled) Most receive food stamps that helps out with food but its never enough to make it for a whole month. The poor/elderly do not have to pay income taxes.


Now when you are told you are not good enough to write, here or there.

I am a personal blogger, I can write! I have a couple books that will be published one day, if its Gods will. No I am not perfect, nor do I try to be.

I will say that I keep my best at home because I can and I will make money one day through a publishing company so I refuse to let it out on the blogging sites. I blog about my life and I enjoy it.

I also love to read others that Blog about their interest and life, there is something about bonding with people through blogs and personal struggles.

Learning new ways to do things free at home and new remedies.

Life blogging does not always have to be about ” how to do this or that” that gets boring fast. But of you make me cry with a story of your own life, you have won me as a reader forever!

For those who have been told you`re not good enough, YOU ARE!

Write on!

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry