People, People And More People

Learning to trust people can be hard and when you are in business for yourself you have to let go of everything that tells you to keep that wall up and let people in. Sooner or later you`ll learn to rad people, some still fool you and other will be as they appear.

First I has another no show to look at the empty rental house.

The clinics here are so hard to get in touch with to get test results, even after they call and you miss that call and are told to call back. They just refuse to answer the phone. Tony does not understand that I cannot do some thing due to the laws and one is run in the doctors office and pick up test results. The receptionist gave him a hard time so he signed in and told her that he will be back in a few hours by that time you should call me! Next time, a few hours later, I went in with him and I went to the bathroom while he stood in line, When I came out he told me that the receptionist said it`ll be $1.00 per page, I said “What? why are they charging you? That is crazy.” Then the lady, nurse, we needed in the first place came out and said ” I told you to call me, I left a message.” Tony said ” I did but NO one ever answers the phone, I have called three days in a row.” She GAVE him a copy and is always nice, no matter how rude people are she is nice anyways, And we were on our way. I have no idea what the problem is with that receptionist, she was not the usual.

Next I drove my sister to pay off the burial plots, we are now covered as far as a slice of land to be planted in. I have a couple more to buy and I have those on reserve and I will pay those off by the month. This lady is the nicest person I have met in so long and you can tell that its the way she acts all the time.

I have another tenant and I sen her at her workplace and you can tell she is always nice because she has never changed since day one that I met her at her job or renting to her.

How about you? can you spot a fake? Do people disappoint you?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

10 thoughts on “People, People And More People”

  1. I learned long ago not to expect much from most people. I don’t expect to “like” the employees of businesses. If they just do their jobs and don’t violate their contracts, that’s enough…More specifically: the emotions people project onto quick, business-type encounters are often inappropriate because what’s actually going on is more of a culture or personality clash. If you work with the public you learn that A feels “hurt” and “snubbed” if you don’t positively gush with unnecessary “softening” words, while B feels “patronized” or suspicious if you do! According to the old stereotype everybody in NYC sounds downright mean to everybody in Atlanta, and everybody in Atlanta sounds so blatantly phoney it’s nauseous to everybody in NYC. In Washington you meet people who’ve learned every possible set of rules for how to act in whatever the situation may be…so I learned not to *care* whether someone smiles and chatters, smiles and doesn’t chatter, chatters and doesn’t smile, neither chatters nor smiles, holds eye contact to show interest, looks at the ground to show respect, what *ever*, as long as they transact business honestly. I have no idea what their emotional mood may be, or whether they’ve noticed me enough to have any particular feelings about me. Nor do I care.

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