New Size Woman

Diets? Been there and done a ton of those! Exercise? Just name it I have tried it.

No I am no longer considered obese. Yes I was considered to be obese because I weighed thirty pounds over what they think I should weigh.

But not once did any doctor take in consideration my muscles. Yes I have nice size muscles. I have little fat on my legs and hip area because I do walk and run , a little old lady arm fat but I also paint houses and mow lawns with a push mower.

I carry all fat in my tummy area. BUT I am loosing weight and in the tummy area. No diets and no more exercise than I already get by working and walking and running.

So…. How am I doing this weight lost?

I am doing what I heard two doctors say, once to me and once to someone else.

Don`t worry about what you are eating so much as how much, Tony`s heart doctor said ” fix your normal plate and then take off half, you will lose weigh.” And then I was getting a diabetes check up and my doctor said ” drop twenty pounds and I am sure we can get you off the pill. He added ” just eat half of what you eat now and get up and move more.”

So not extra anything, just cut it in half. I did this and before I knew it I had lost eleven pounds.

I got out my Summer clothes and they are all to big! I dropped another size! But I still feel the same.

Last summer I was a size 13/14 in shorts and I wore extra large in shirts.

Today I bought me two new outfits, Shorts size 11/12 and shirts are now a large.

I almost busted out in song while in the dressing room trying on clothes 🙂

For me to drop a size is amazing.

I have to thank God for helping me because he is putting the right people in my life at the right time.

Now, do you want to drop a few pounds? just eat half!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

18 thoughts on “New Size Woman”

  1. Yes, I want to drop a few pounds. Cutting back on what I eat won’t help. As many days I am lucky to eat one meal. I need to get more exercise. I found a few I can do while still in bed before I get up in the morning. I am going to attempt a few of them. Wish me luck!

  2. By standards, I’ve been obese since the third grade. My bones are large and I’m very muscular. I’m a size 18, 5’6″. Depending on what’s happening in my life my weight fluctuates between 180 and 220. At this point, I m not going to worry about it.

  3. I can relate, @irenen1 …5’4″, have worn the same dress sizes between 95 and 155 pounds, and photograph as fat in most “fashion” styles even at 95 pounds. (According to the fashion industry my shoulders “should” be at least two inches closer together than they are.) So what size do I wear? Almost any, since nothing really fits! Squeeze into size 3 “skinny” jeans when possible, will happily wear a size 18 shirt on top of them in hot weather…

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