How To Get The Share Media Buttons Back – And More

First – Go to your site (blog) Dashboard.

Second – You will see a like of actions on the black sidebar.

Third – Go down to “Plugins” and click.

Fourth- Scroll down till you see the ” Super socializer” option. Click activate.

Now you have all the share buttons back on your site. If you have more than one site you will have to activate the ” Super socializer” for each.

See that was easy! Right?


NOW to receive notifications through email.

First – Go to your site (blog) Dashboard.

Second – You will see a like of actions on the black sidebar.

Third – Go down to “settings” and click.

Fourth- click ” discussion” and scroll down to “Email me whenever” and clock the option that you want.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ” save changes.”


How to Leave your referral link on your social media.

Hover over your name at the right hand top of the screen and a drop down menu will appear.

Hover over Profile and another drop down menu will appear, click ” view.”

And you will see you referral link.

Left click your mouse and drag it across and it will turn blue.

Then right click your mouse while pointing to this link and when options appear click copy.

Now you can paste this on your facebook feed or whatever site you use for social media to ” invite” people to your site / Blog.


I have to say that I am by no means a know it all nor am I much good with computers, but I do learn fast and I am sharing with others what was hard for me to do but now I can.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry – Nickname Angie

27 thoughts on “How To Get The Share Media Buttons Back – And More”

    1. I just checked on my blogs. The ‘Super socializer’ option is not available on a couple of my blogs. it could be the theme. However, I don’t plan on changing several themes to find out today. I did ask in the help thread in the forum. But haven’t checked to see if I have a response yet.

  1. I wonder if it is available on all themes again. I know they were working on on BlogJob yesterday. I haven’t checked today but yesterday a few of my blogs didn’t have the options. I am going to go check again. As I love getting notifications in my email. It is much easier seeing when someone comments on an older blog post.

  2. Learning our way around a new site can be a bit of a trial and error job but thanks to tutorials like this it is quite easy. How about mentioning the video tutorials Blogjob has so kindly provided for us?

    1. Video tutorials so do not work for me (even when I’m using a computer that will play them–most won’t). I think web designers need to be encouraged to say it in plain text!

  3. Thanks Andria for sharing these tips. I’ve searched today the sharing option and I was not able to find it. Now I have all buttons back due of your tutorial. Thanks again!

  4. Thought I commented do this, maybe I didn’t.

    I just wanted to add that not all theme will be able to do this. As I have several that does not have this option.

    I have not had the time to play with themes to see which ones they do work.

    I do not like the original theme, as it requires me to reduce my zoom down to 50% to read it without ads blocking.

  5. Instead of adding those social media buttons, I just copy the link and paste it with ?ref=pinayblogger on my Facebook page linked to my Twitter account and it works 👍😊

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