Horrible Day!

Now all of my day was not bad, I have a wonderful morning online and canning and cleaning my house.

I had several calls about the rental houses and I took a quick application and they all work and have no pets, I had one showing today already planned.

But I went out…..

A couple weeks ago Tony`s truck broke down and ‘I’ paid for it to be hauled to the shop, The insurance gave those fee`s back but the the check was in his name, no problem he has endorsed his checks over to me before. But then I got the witch from hell at the bank.

For the past several months I have had problems getting transactions dine in the drive thru , I am always asked to come inside. This is the first time I was asked for Tony to come inside, show his drivers license and give a thumb print before giving me my money back, via check. I looked at this woman and through my ID on the counter as well and said ” You know I am not a new customer, I been with this bank for years AND this is not the first time ghe has paid me back money he owes with a check like this.”

OMG! This woman come off with people stealing social security checks and I could not help say, those are not paper anymore nor do they get mailed out. SHE ARGUED WITH ME! saying oh yes people still get paper checks mailed to them, then I made a real bitch face and held up this $65 check and said” its freakin $65 not $700!”

If I did not have to have Tony at this doctors appointment I would have closed my bank accounts out that minute but it`ll keep till Monday. I can go to the other two banks of wells Fargo and the people are very nice and polite, but not this one and its the closest. I refuse to drive across town just to receive respect.

The doctors office was empty but the back was full! I waited in the lobby for three hours and today was crazy people day!

After the doctor I hurried out to the rental house a few minutes late and what did I get, dope heads! How do I know this to judge them? When they are practically worshiping people who have been in and out of jail for making meth, taking meth and hell blowing up the house doing his meth thang. She told me to call her back when I got the laundry room painted and the house was done…. Nope I aint doing it! I will not rent to these people, let it set empty.

BUT that is not the worst part.

We stopped by Aldi`s on the way home and got fruit and veggies, we did not see any worchestshire (whatever) sauce so I went down to publix. I decided to take my blood pressure as I usually do, I took my car keys out of my pocket and lay them on top of my purse.

When I get outside, I have NO keys. Me and Tony looked this store over for an hour, asked everyone. I dumped my purse out on their counter, we searched all the shopping carts, no keys!

The worst part is I only have one key with the chip in it for this car, I do have a spare to open the car doors but the car will not run without the key with the chip. I call my wrecker man to come drag this car home but he tells me ” NO, let it sit till the morning and I will take it to the Dodge place, he tells me where to take the keys and asks do I have a way home.”

I called and got a ride to uncle cuz house and he gave Tony his truck for the night.

I just hope the person who has my car keys does not steal the car tonight, I left all my working stuff in the trunk.

I can say I am broken, hit rock bottom! A bitch at the bank, dope heads wont leave me alone about renting houses and I have absolutely no way to go, no car.

I cannot think what I did to deserve this day.

Goodnight cruel world.

By Andria Perry
Art by Andria Perry

6 thoughts on “Horrible Day!”

  1. Oh wow that is truely a bad day! I hope it gets better. Give it to God and he will handle things. 🙂 That lady at the bank was just trying to use her “power” over an innocent customer. Those dopeheads would not be a good choice, I agree with you. And the keys going missing is truely disappointing. had a bad week at one of my other money making sites.

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